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Stop Animal Cruelty NOW !!!.

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!x. ShannonSmith .x! !x. ShannonSmith .x! United Kingdom Posts: 4
1 22 Aug 2009
heyyaaaaa i really wanna stop animal cruelty now so help add me on msn (check my profile) pleasee x cool

Karen Karen Australia Posts: 993
2 22 Aug 2009
Unleashed Admin
Hey Shannon! Good to have you with us happy

There's heaps you can do to help animals! This is a good place to start:

I see you're from the UK. How did you find Unleashed?

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR VIC Posts: 663
3 22 Aug 2009
Hey! So do all of us! Its great to have you onboard.

!x. ShannonSmith .x! !x. ShannonSmith .x! United Kingdom Posts: 4
4 22 Aug 2009
i found this sight on youtube someone posted a vidio with this website on it and as i love animals i checked it out and became a member happyx.

!x. ShannonSmith .x! !x. ShannonSmith .x! United Kingdom Posts: 4
5 22 Aug 2009
i no happy

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
7 23 Aug 2009
Biophiliac said:
Yeah, great to have you here! It's good to see someone so young with the right idea happy ... I know i didn't care about animal cruelty when i was 12! >.<
Hi Shannon, welcome! happy

Mel Mel NSW Posts: 289
9 27 Aug 2009
Hey! I'm adding you now!!