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Freeganism. - how far is too far?

Does any one practice freeganism? WOULD anyone? Very interested :)

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Hitler Hitler Iraq Posts: 465
31 19 Jan 2011
My mum likes to save money etc and uses this and she says its ok...over dinner i brought up freeganism and she said that people on the forum share stories. She said one lady was having dinner guest and went and stole an old ham bone out of the neighbours bin and served it to the guests. hahaha my mum was amazed this was what i called freeganism, haha i think she might be a little turned off by the site now.

Pomi Pomi VIC Posts: 311
32 19 Jan 2011
Oh wow, I would love to live like this when I'm older.
In fact, I think I just might.

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
33 14 Feb 2011
If anyone's interested, I think I just found one on Tumblr.

prettypoodlexx prettypoodlexx SA Posts: 125
34 14 Feb 2011
Valkyrie Uruz said:
If anyone's interested, I think I just found one on Tumblr.
What an awesome blog! thank you HEAPS!

Nobody Nobody QLD Posts: 593
35 14 Feb 2011
My husband worked at the local woolworths for years. He couldn't understand why the shop would throw away heaps of food every week instead of giving it to charity. It's crazy.
If I knew a freegan, I would totally tag along with them and give it a try.

psychokitten psychokitten QLD Posts: 340
36 12 Mar 2011
When I worked in retail, any food we threw out had to be opened, crushed or have dish liquid or something tipped over it. Appliances had their cords cut, anything that could be destroyed had to be.
It'd be impossible to be a freegan here.

psychokitten psychokitten QLD Posts: 340
37 12 Mar 2011
Our local chain bakery let's us collect all the leftovers though. Some nights charities collect it but I've personally done it and am not associated with anything like that, I just deliver it to friends and family so it gets eaten.
The donut shop gives the people collecting bread leftovers too.
So I guess I was wrong, maybe you could.

pitterpatter pitterpatter QLD Posts: 376
38 12 Mar 2011
I've gone bin diving.  Not very much available though and since I've moved house I live in an area where the bins are in well-lit places that get patrolled sad.  

I used to get bags of fresh bread that had been thrown out and lived off that, only had to do it like once a week.  

I know 10+ people who go bin diving in different areas and supplement what they buy or live completely off the waste of others.  They only take things that are still edible and most of them refuse to eat the meat for moral reasons (even though they're not paying for it, that animal still died and you're treating it as food... Different for each person though and there are arguments for both sides).

If the bins around here weren't locked, I'd do it again in a heart beat.

prettypoodlexx prettypoodlexx SA Posts: 125
39 6 Apr 2011
That's pretty cool =] It's unbeleivable how much perfectly good food gets wasted on a daily basis =/

PaulV PaulV NSW Posts: 47
40 7 Apr 2011
Hi guys, if you are interested in doing it get in touch with Food Not Bombs, there is a group set up in most capital cities. The one in Sydney runs out of an anarchist book shop, very cool bunch of people that I met in Victoria got me onto them. They are freegans and very accepting. good luck

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