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World's Greatest Shave

My friend is raising money

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MarcyMassacre MarcyMassacre VIC Posts: 27
1 6 Feb 2011
Hello everyone,
I know this has nothing to do with animals and animal cruelty etc... but please if you could... would you help my friend who is taking part in the Worlds Greatest Shave this year by donating to help achieve her goal of $500 to help the people suffering from  leukaemia and or the families suffering from someone lost because of this disease...
It would mean the world to me and Steph... and alot more people... thanks happy
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ZoolNerd ZoolNerd NSW Posts: 1005
2 6 Feb 2011
Congrats to your friend, But I dont donate to causes that test on animals. The cancer council basically only tests on animals.

By any means though, The best way to raise funds is to hit the streets, you'll find lots of people will donate in shopping centres happy

MarcyMassacre MarcyMassacre VIC Posts: 27
3 7 Feb 2011
Oh i didnt know that sad sorry....

Contreras Contreras NSW Posts: 349
4 7 Feb 2011
Marcy said:
Oh i didnt know that sad sorry....
Yeah it's disgusting, here is a list of human health organizations that don't test on animals -