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Family Related Animal Cruelty...

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Pomi Pomi VIC Posts: 311
11 30 Aug 2009
My fathers side... furious
My uncle is a dairy farmer. I hate seeing those poor cows on that huge round circlely thing. They often send their cows over to my grandparents, who have their own little slaughter room where they kill them and have them for dinner. I went in their once. It's horrible seeing footage, it's worse live.
My grandpa's dog used to swim across the creek to another family (who would have been nice to him..). The punishment? "Oh I just chased him around with a shotgun. Missed him everytime, the little bugger"
He's also a horse "trainer". He never tells me where they send them when they can't make profit anymore..

Vegan Zombie. Vegan Zombie. SA Posts: 130
12 30 Aug 2009
My grandparents farm sheep for the wool. Sadly enough when I was about 7-12 years old, even after I went vegetarian at 10, I used to help them round up the sheep for shearing. I was easily influenced by my grandpa who would tell me that the sheep were fine as I watched them get roughly handled and sheared. I even remember handing lambs to him for mulesing at around 8 or 9.... Now I look back on it I can't understand how I believed him.

I remember hearing the lambs crying in pain the next night, and getting really upset. My nan would just say to me "its okay Tahlia, they are fine"... and I would just think, "then why are they crying in pain.."

At the same farm he and my uncles breed racehorses.

I now no longer visit the farm, and will have nothing to do with anything my family does there.

littlemisstofu littlemisstofu QLD Posts: 94
13 30 Aug 2009
My dad really likes fishing, and i used to enjoy going when i was about 10, (obviously i've learnt since then) now i feel bad when i tell my dad i dont want to go but luckily he kinda understands. im still to persuade everyone in my family to go veg, but no luck yet...

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