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I have a rescued stray, she has had kittens. please help me.

They need home and I won't let them go unless they will be de-sexxed.

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prettypoodlexx prettypoodlexx SA Posts: 125
1 8 Feb 2011
I'm in South Australia. The kittens are currently 4 weeks old. All tabby/tortishell. 2 Females 3 Males.

I have given them all little nicknames, I love them so dearly and the RSPCA just told me that they are inundated with kittens and that they will face euthanasia, all the other shelters claim to be full.

The cost of de-sexing is as follows; Males $52  Females $78 (I can help with the costs if necessary, but I am on centerlink so if you can afford it...) De-sexing is at 5 months old.

PLEASE help me. =[

meh meh NSW Posts: 2674
2 8 Feb 2011
Apparently some animal organisations will do a discount on desexing.

prettypoodlexx prettypoodlexx SA Posts: 125
3 8 Feb 2011
sarahbentvelzen said:
Apparently some animal organisations will do a discount on desexing.
That is the cheapest rate in SA =S

EarthDefender EarthDefender QLD Posts: 270
4 8 Feb 2011
I'm friends with a group on fb called 'little paws cat and kitten association' they're qld based but they may know of other connections down ur way. They're a non profit no kill organization

babynighthawk babynighthawk VIC Posts: 105
5 8 Feb 2011
If you're close to the Victorian border, the Pet's Haven shelter in Woodend might be able to help you out.

prettypoodlexx prettypoodlexx SA Posts: 125
6 8 Feb 2011
Thank you SO much guys =] i'm no where near the border, but I can drive there and I will give them a call =]

Nadia1986 Nadia1986 NSW Posts: 101
7 8 Feb 2011
I would loveee to take one...I have been looking for a little kitten for a while after rescuing a baby one myself..if you take them to the vet usually if they are stray they will do it for free...or take them off you and re home them thats what ours did....

prettypoodlexx prettypoodlexx SA Posts: 125
8 8 Feb 2011
Thankyou, I do want to keep the mum though =]

I have called the local vets and they tell me to call the RSPCA or pay $120 to desex them =S

wild child2 wild child2 QLD Posts: 2638
9 8 Feb 2011
Welcome to the club! lol
I recently said goodbye to a stray mother and her 4 kittens (ended up keeping 1) it was a very long 12 weeks i'll tell you so you are in for some fun! (& tears) lol

Contact the national desexing network to apply for lost cost desexing if you cannot find a no kill shelter.

Also discuss with your local RSPCA if they have a community vet that could desex them for you.

You could also try contacting Animal Welfare League of SA and see if they can help or direct you to another no kill shelter that will desex and vaccinate them for you.

Good luck! happy

wild child2 wild child2 QLD Posts: 2638
10 8 Feb 2011
Also I would also strongly recommend desexing before the age of 5 months
reasons being-

1. Reduces hormone levels to eliminate problem behaviours such as male spraying
2. Kittens can reproduce from 4 months old
3. Faster recovery

Animal Welfare League in QLD desex at 8 weeks old or 1kg which ever occurs first.

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