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What are your thoughts on the use of silk?

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Bec & Laura Bec & Laura NSW Posts: 72
1 17 Feb 2011
Hi guys, just wanted to get some opinions on the use of silk in clothing? do any of you wear it?

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
2 17 Feb 2011
I think the general consensus is that it's not vegan, and I'm pretty sure silkworms are crushed in the process of making it. sad

Shorty Shorty QLD Posts: 479
3 17 Feb 2011
Would never wear silk. The silk worms are submerged in hot water to get the silk out easier. It kills them and its cruel.

EarthDefender EarthDefender QLD Posts: 270
4 17 Feb 2011
Actually I just thought about this the other day when I put on a dress I bought years's insanely beautiful...but it's made outta silk...I'd never buy silk again...but I figure now that I've got it ...:-/

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
5 17 Feb 2011
I wouldn't wear silk, which is a shame, theres so many kinds of silk tahts so nice.

also means getting a custom made  wedding dress! but there is an upside..satin is cheaper than silk haha

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
6 18 Feb 2011
Silk is not vegan, and is cruel. sad Unfortunately the other day I bought a skirt from work (since I need to wear their clothes as my uniform) without realizing that it was a silk skirt. =/ I'll be selling it as soon as I find a new job.