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Beauty products?

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Gem.Rose Gem.Rose NSW Posts: 2
1 22 Feb 2011
Anyone know any good cruelty free beauty products, (make up, skin care, hair.. that sorta thing)
If you have any favourites let me know what they are because I'm looking at going completely animal testing free and vegan

Also.. if anyone who lives in Sydney knows any good shops that sell the products please let me know. Thanks! happy

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
2 22 Feb 2011

Theres some vegan places in Newtown, I havent been there recently though. Lush have lots of vegan options too

ZoolNerd ZoolNerd NSW Posts: 1005
3 22 Feb 2011
Def try Lush happy

Theres a Lush in Penrith if your close to there

Chewie Chewie NSW Posts: 521
4 22 Feb 2011
Skin care products - Trilogy. They do not test on animals, and most of their products are vegan (the ones that aren't contain honey, which many vegans don't mind about anyway - I use their sensitive skin range and their rosehip oil as a moisturiser and they're amazing (no honey in these). I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and this stuff works brilliantly, and doesn't irritate me. Rosehip oil is 100% natural too, and is great for smoothing the skin and wrinkles. Most drugstore beauty products have many nasties in them, like sls, which shouldn't be on your skin! The less ingredients the better.

Shampoo - Organic Care by Nature's Organics. I love this stuff - it smells lovely and is 100% vegan and environmentally friendly.

You can get both from Priceline, and the shampoo is stocked at Woolies, Coles, etc too.

bitchanca bitchanca VIC Posts: 117
5 22 Feb 2011
Face of Australia and Australis both don't test on animals
you can get them at priceline and kmart/bigw/target type places
Revlon also don't test, but I can't say for sure about which products aren't vegan

Steer clear of anything by Johnson and Johnson, Coty, Unilever, L'oreal and Proctor and Gamble

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
6 22 Feb 2011
David Babii shampoo

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
7 22 Feb 2011
De Lorenzo hair care is great, the onlystuff i'll use, salon quality - australian owned too

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
8 22 Feb 2011
Sukin - available at Priceline. They have everything! Facial moisturiser, shampoo & conditioner, eye serum, night creams, deodorant, 100% rose hip oil. All vegan.

As for makeup I use The All Natural Face. They are based in USA, but her prices are AWESOME, as are her products. Very cheap also. They also seem to be having some web issues right now..... sad

Glenn Glenn QLD Posts: 48
9 23 Feb 2011 - GOOD LIST - BAD LIST

I am a BIG Natio man!!! I love their products! All cruelty free and I think apart from their brushes are almost all vegan too happy! They are also very reasonably priced & if you sign up to their mailing list online you can get discounts and news of all their good deals happy!! They have great skincare, cologne/perfume, suncream and beauty products for guys & girls! - you can get these products from Myer, David Jones and many chemists.

I think Jurlique is mostly vegan (honey in a few products) but they are a lot more expensive.
Gaia is a cruelty free company & you can get their products from

After trying many different ones, Natio is the best in terms of price + quality! Goodluck happy

wild child2 wild child2 QLD Posts: 2638
10 23 Feb 2011
Mukti Botanicals - Google them! Some products contain honey but plenty of others don't, they are organic too & don't contain any fillers & detergents like alot of mainstream brands - you rarely see an ingredient that you don't know what it is with Mukti , alot of them are based on aloe happy

Alexami who are associated with Mukti make vegan makeup, mascara, foundation, lip gloss etc!


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