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Beauty products?

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Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
11 23 Feb 2011
as well as Sukin, A'kin and Al'chemy are great and available at priceline. Free of sulfates, parabens, petro chemical cleansers.. and all the bad stuff

Gem.Rose Gem.Rose NSW Posts: 2
12 24 Feb 2011
Thanks everyone, all the answers have been very helpful happy

maisiemay maisiemay SA Posts: 7
14 8 Sep 2011
Check out the Derma Intensive  range at Coles...moisturisers, hand creams etc , very reasonably priced and dont test on animals. Not sure if vegan though.  Parent company is Mellor and Russell..see link below. Coles also stocks their "Sensation" range of hair colour.

And just received this very prompt reply to my email enquiry:

Dear Ingrid,

Thank you for your message. I am pleased to tell you that none of our Mellor and Russell products are tested on animals, neither the ingredients or the finished products.

Many thanks

Michelle Jowett
Customer Services

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
15 9 Sep 2011
For hair: De lorenzo (buy the 500ml shampoos, same price as the 250ml bottles)
For skin: Sukin (they're also available in some chemists)
Makeup: Pure Gaisha (awesome mineral makeup!)
Teeth: Red Seal (Smokers or Natural)
Deo: Innoxa (Sport or Regular)
Bodywash: Natures Organics at the supermarket (cheap!)

maisiemay maisiemay SA Posts: 7
16 11 Sep 2011
can anyone recommend a hairspray that is cruelty free?

Kirsttt Kirsttt NSW Posts: 43
17 22 Sep 2011
Lushhh love

and nude by nature makeup =]

Kirsttt Kirsttt NSW Posts: 43
18 22 Sep 2011
and the Mac products that are vegan =] (not all, check labels)

NelliScarlet NelliScarlet VIC Posts: 64
19 22 Sep 2011
maisiemay said:
can anyone recommend a hairspray that is cruelty free?
I've been hunting - best I can find so far is Tresemme who don't test on animals, but I think their parent company might be nasty :/ Anyone??

beatabeatrix beatabeatrix NSW Posts: 4
20 22 Sep 2011
If you are happy to buy online, has an Alba Botanica hairspray.

Kristy from purchased it in a haul from the site a few weeks ago. She hasn't reviewed it yet though.
I haven't tried that product but have purchased from a couple of times and can vouch for it. Postage to Australia has been about $6 or $7 for a number of items and they have a range of discounted items from vegan/vegan friendly brands like Giovanni, Ecco Bella, Kiss My Face, and Beauty Without Cruelty.

I just did a search for hairspray on and it came up with a number of products from Aubrey Organics, a company I've heard nothing but great things about.

I hope that helps! Totally just registered because I was excited to know of a vegan hairspray  clap

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