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I swore i would never date a meat-eater :(

... but he does.

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*Steph* *Steph* VIC Posts: 363
41 10 Apr 2012
RawVeg Beingaware said:
*Steph* said:
I wish he was a vegetarian, sorry I gave that impression. He unfortunately loves his meat.

I saw the FurKids thread and the Orang Utans being raped for money video and it got me thinking. I don't know how I'd cope over there but then I'm surrounded by cruelty over here too. I have seen such horrible things first hand. Helped deliver dead calves on a cattle farm, picked up dying sheep for their last shear before having their throats slit. Almost every day at work I hear another story which I wish I hadn't. Atleast if I went o/s I could HELP instead of sit back and be part of the problem. I live in a small town where I help out on a cattle farm some days... My best friend owns it. It's hard to make friends out here as it is, let alone having severely different views on the world to everyone else. She is awesome but I hate what she does for a living. I show the animals love when I can at least. I feel I could do so much more in a place like the FurKids thread ad...
That would be extremely hard then.
Being surrounded by it locally by people who do eat meat and won't change.

Better question is, do you still love the person?
It does make it all very hard when your isolated but if you can manage some trips down to Melbourne, maybe try to get involved with Animal Lib or the local vegsoc down there as your escape for awhile?
We had a discussion last night and I basically said that I don't find him attractive anymore. I don't go for looks, or gender, or race but I go for personality and his at the moment is really unnattractive. I said that for me I am striggling to find him appealing when I know that his body is basically a cemetary. I don't know why it's more of an issue now. I guess because when I just a vegetarian I had no idea of the cruelties endured everyday by animals where now I have done the research and know exactly what goes on. I don't want it in my house. I hate that I can't escape it. I want him to have the same compassion as me and he just doesn't. He said he is going to have a long hard think about it all. I just don't know what the future holds for me.  scared

I have family in Melb so getting involved there is an option although it involves staying with my family and I'm not keen on that...I always end up feeling like shit when I stay there..

UGH Why does life have to be so hard sometimes!! Wish I could just buy a bush block and live like a hermet with my furbabies!! Have to remain positive, we will get through this and no matter what happens in the end it will be for the best and in the mean time I have found AWESOME support though all of you out there on Unleashed. Thank you!

Vitamin Earth Vitamin Earth VIC Posts: 3
42 10 Apr 2012
I just broke up with a meat eater and the dietry thing had nothing to do with the relationship not working out. I wasn't born into Veganism so I'm sympathetic to those still locked into the Matrix. The good news is while he is still a meat eater I know that while he was with me he ate meat 50% less often and developed an awareness for animal welfare that he never had before.

So maybe it's really important people from all different views mix together so as a collective we are more educated on how we can make this a better world.


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