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The Australian Greyhound Racing Industry: The McGrath Foundation

Cruelty by association, and using a mainstream charity to promote animal misuse.

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AaronC AaronC New Zealand Posts: 20
1 20 Mar 2011
The page summarises what I would write here anyways:

Basically the McGrath Foundation (A Breast Cancer Charity) were too scared to turn up to receive a cheque for $125,000 from the greyhound racing industry because of public perceptions of the cruelty of greyhound racing, and they thought they would just take the money on the quiet and let the issue die away until next year, at the same time accusing vocal animal lovers of threatening their organisation's members. But not publicly of course, thats the story they fed the disgruntled greyhound racing industry.

If you want to learn the whole story in less than 10 minutes, grab yerself a coffee or tea, and please check out this link...

We'd love it if you shared it too. The greyhound cruelty awareness campaign has begun.

Be well good people