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My Cat is Missing :( Black female with white markings (Brisbane)

My cat ran away when I moved house and I dont know how to find her!

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Tracey Tracey QLD Posts: 127
1 29 Mar 2011
Hi Everyone, my beautiful cat Tabitha ran away when I moved house. We live in Brisbane and I have paid for the RSPCA's 'platinum' searching service, I just have no idea what else to do... I'm so upset! I put leaflets in the letterboxes of streets around my house and my dad still lives in my old house so would know if she went back there. Does anyone have any ideas about finding missing cats?
Tabitha is a small cat she is black with white markings on her top lip, paws and chest- just in case any of you happen to live in Brissy and have seen a cat around...

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
2 29 Mar 2011
I'm so sorry to hear about Tabitha! If either of my kitties went missing I would be an absolute mess!

When my mum lost her cat Nefertiti, she went door knocking and put ads in the paper. If you can, offer a reward, that motivates people in the area to go looking. Also, go back to your old house. I've heard of cats going to their old home when they move. Mum spoke to the neighbourhood kids and offered them rewards to find Neffi, but no one could find her. Until one lady reported a cat screaming in the bush every night, and it was Neffi, she was stuck up the top of a very high tree.

Look everywhere, spend as much time looking as you can. Make as many people aware about her as possible. I believe that cats thrive upon positivity, so when you find her make her new home as positive as possible, that way you will be able to let her outside, knowing that the home is a positive place for her, so she will definitely come back.

P.S, I'm not implying that the home was not positive, but the move might have been a negative experience from her, which could be detering her from the new home.

GOOD LUCK! kitty love

meh meh NSW Posts: 2674
3 29 Mar 2011
How far away do you live now, from your old house? How long has she been missing? Is your cat microchipped/registered?

It's possible that she went or is trying to go back to your old house, that is pretty common with cats when moving house. Cats are very territorial, and hate to move house. Stress is a big factor.

How long have you been in your new house? Has she been kept inside the whole time, or was she outside from the minute you moved in?

Contact pounds and shelters (local to you, and ones close to your old home), go door to door with flyers and ask questions.

Is she desexed??

If your cat is anything like mine, she might be upset with you because of the move and is just 'getting back at you' by staying away from the house for a while. What is she like usually? Is she intelligent? Does she catch bunnies/her own food, etc?

I hope your kitty comes back home safe. Please let us know any more details.

Tracey Tracey QLD Posts: 127
4 29 Mar 2011
Thanks so much for your reply,
I have moved only 5 minutes walk away from my old house and because my dad still lives there and calls her at night we think she may be lost somewhere else- maybe walked the wrong way and got lost. She is pretty timid and hates being away from me -if i went on a holiday she would disappear from home till I came back, but never longer than a few days, i dont know how good she is at looking after herself but i know she can catch mice. There are just so many places to try to look and call i'm a bit overwhelmed! Thanks again fro your support, I am going to put leaflets in letter boxes again (I did that a while ago)
Thanks again for your helpful reply!

meh meh NSW Posts: 2674
5 29 Mar 2011
I was away on holidays with my family a couple of years ago. When we go on holidays we usually lock our kitties in a sheltered area and ask someone to come by and feed them, etc. Anyway, when we got home we let our kitties out and my Toffee ran away for the same amount of days that we were gone. She's very clever and likes to punish me wink Naturally I was very worried. I phoned the local pound and gave them a description, and went to every home on the closest two blocks to my home and put flyers in their mail boxes. It was the hottest day of the year and apparently the hottest since like the 40s or something, and no one would drive me around to look for my kitty and to deliver the flyers, so I had to walk sad I was determined to do this for her because I owed her that much at the very least.
Toffee came back a few days later happy

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur QLD Posts: 1087
6 29 Mar 2011
I live around Brisbane, although I might not be in your area, but I'll keep an eye out! I hope you find her, I know how horrible it feels when a pet is missing  sad

Val Val NSW Posts: 339
7 29 Mar 2011
I'm so sorry to hear that sad I think what you're doing so far is great, just keep pushing it!!

Do you have any idea of a place she might have headed to after moving? somewhere that made her feel safe perhaps?

all the best!!

meh meh NSW Posts: 2674
8 29 Mar 2011
Have you tried looking under your house? When animals are stressed or sick, particularly dogs, they go under the house and remain motionless. My friend's dog was bitten by a snake and went under the house for days, and came out about a week later completely healthy, apart from some dehydration, etc.

Tracey Tracey QLD Posts: 127
9 2 Apr 2011
hey all- just wanted to update you that my kitty came home!!! well she went home to my old place, but she is safe and relatively ok at my new place now. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and kind thoughts!  ecstatic

meh meh NSW Posts: 2674
10 2 Apr 2011
Tracey said:
hey all- just wanted to update you that my kitty came home!!! well she went home to my old place, but she is safe and relatively ok at my new place now. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and kind thoughts!  ecstatic
I'm so happy and relieved for you and your kitty happy