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Palm Oil Products.

What I think.

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Jake_Veggie Man Jake_Veggie Man VIC Posts: 5
1 30 Mar 2011
I think that we should start raising awareness about Orangutans and Siberian Tigers on this awesome site. Because everyday they are pulling down trees in Indonesia to get the palm oil in the trees which Orangutans need to live. In the process poachers are killing the tigers and orangutans too, just to get to the trees. It is extremely cruel what they do.  Check out some more about it.

Another thing about palm oil is that the food packagers don't have to label it as palm oil. They are aloud to label it as vegetable oil and a few other things. So really you don't know what you are buying. It is not good.

Cadbury chocolate already took it upon themselves to replace palm oil with cocoa butter. I am proud of Cadbury, but I am not sure if they use milk that has been treated the right way.

Food companies need t change, and cruelty needs to stop!

Nobody Nobody QLD Posts: 593
2 31 Mar 2011
Yay for Cadbury! Shame they're still using cows milk.
Wish all big companies would get with the times and stop being so disgustingly greedy. It's up to us, the consumers, to raise our voices and also vote with our cash.
...But like you said, it's difficult when they don't even need to label the oil as being palm oil.  sad

Thanks for sharing the video clip! I'm going to post it on my facebook page.

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
3 31 Mar 2011
Another benefit to making your own food from scratch

ecochick ecochick SA Posts: 214
4 31 Mar 2011
I made a petition of that not very long ago. i got about 900 signatures saying that we need to have the products labeled. they say about 50 orangutans per week are killed due to this trade. Zoos victoria also have a campaigne on this.

Risto Risto WA Posts: 2
5 15 Sep 2011

Animallover12 Animallover12 NSW Posts: 437
6 16 Sep 2011
YEAH!!  Why do they have to do this to them BEAUTIFUL animals? They are so cute and lovely! We need to save them!!!

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
7 16 Sep 2011
Perth Zoo + Australian Orangutan Project are constantly campaigning for this. Their website is below.

I know Bill Waterer personally and he speaks so compassionately about these animals and this fight. He has just come back from Indonesia where they rehabilitate injured 'rangs due to  the farming of the oil. He said they had released 9 youngsters out into their monitored jungle. It made my day hearing this happy