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charlotte.g charlotte.g VIC Posts: 49
1 4 Apr 2011
The other day i bought some packets of quinoa, one packet was regular quinoa and the other was puffed quinoa, I was wondering if anyone has some good recipes using quinoa that they could share happy

Karen Karen Australia Posts: 993
2 4 Apr 2011
Unleashed Admin
My favourite thing to do with quinoa is tabouleh! Cook 1 cup of quinoa, allow to cool. Chop up a few small lebanese cucumbers and some tomatoes, finely chop half a red onion and a big bunch of parsley (I like flat leaf) - throw it all in a bowl. Mix together a dash of olive oil, the juice of one large lemon, 1 crushed clove of garlic (optional) a pinch of salt/pepper or Massel veggie seasoning and stir it all together. It's the yummiest thing in the world. I could eat it every day!

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
3 4 Apr 2011
I love Quinoa!!!!!

i cook the quinoa in veg stock, then fry up some kidney beans in cumin, tumeric, canned tomatoes, some tabasco then put it all together with chopped tomato and avocado on top. yum!!!!

anything that is served with rice can be sub'd with Quinoa

I love it!!!

charlotte.g charlotte.g VIC Posts: 49
4 4 Apr 2011
thanks so much they sound great!