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Help! Doing a project and need ideas!

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Fish Lover Fish Lover VIC Posts: 16
1 22 Apr 2011
I have to do magazine (12 pages) and need to know what the best area of animal cruelty to focus on would be! All ideas welcome   thumb

Jacqui T Jacqui T NSW Posts: 796
2 22 Apr 2011

Fish Lover Fish Lover VIC Posts: 16
3 22 Apr 2011
Thanks will look into it happy More welcome!

Pegs Pegs VIC Posts: 1538
4 22 Apr 2011
How about…hmmmm, maybe try and find something that covers a lot but is about one thing…chicken? Like battery hens, free range hens, and then chickens used for meat, and then the chicken's parents. You would definitely fill 12 pages with chickens! Or animal testing. But yes, PUPPY FARMS is a good one! happy

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
5 22 Apr 2011
What about meat? Show them where their food really came from, and how their food really died.

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
6 22 Apr 2011
animals used for entertainment - Hunting, Rodeos, Circus, Bull fighting ect

animals bred for clothing - Indian cows, Fur farms, the canadian seal hunt ect

animals bred for food - Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Turkeys ect

horses - Racing ( flats, harness and jumps) , horse meat trade in australia. over breeding of horses and the horse sales

pets - over breeding pets, Puppy and kitten farms living conditions of puppy farms

hope that helps happy

Fish Lover Fish Lover VIC Posts: 16
7 22 Apr 2011
Thanks everyone! I think i will go with puppy farms, cruel but plenty of info and resources out there.