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GMO Foods

Fish Genes in Tomatoes, Strawberries...Argh!

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Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
31 7 Mar 2014
Lanna said:
I really encourage you to do some digging on Monsanto. If you want to know about evil corporations basically ruining our Earth through GMO foods and pesticides then thats the corporation!! My Mum and I are vegan and have done heaps of research into GMO foods and stuff and i strongly suggest you look into ALL the companies owned by/ associated with Monsanto and GMO corporations because even though Australia has a ban on GMO foods, buying the products owned by those corporations still benefits them and helps them to continue doing all that they do. It's a massive commitment to boycott all the brands and stuff but totally worth it (: Also brands like Unilever and Kraft (owned and associated with monsanto) test on animals, use slave labor and abuse our planet through unsustainable practices!! Seriously, it all sounds like a massive conspiracy theory that should be in a science fiction book but sadly it's the reality we're living; and most people don't even know what's going on.

I'd post link but there are SO many!! Just google monsanto or watch some of the documentaries on youtube ((: (also there are a lot of scientific reports regarding gmo foods. Take a look at them too because science is what backs up the anti-gmo argument ((:
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