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Mark Dapin Article in Good Weekend

He followed a 'vegan' diet for a week

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TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed TAS Posts: 986
1 8 May 2011
Did anyone else read the Mark Dapin article in Good Weekend (7th of May)-not his usual column but the 3 page article?
I was so excited when I read on the cover "LIKE A VEGAN- Mark Dapin goes without all things animal for a week. Almost'. Exception the 'Almost' part made me think that he was probably going to knock veganism. Also, there were other exciting things on the cover, including the main article about a boxer (or ex boxer, I don't know much about him) whom I was pretty sure was vegan. So I was excited, right?
So, the Mark Dapin article started off by saying his editor had asked him to try to eat vegan for a week, and then write about it. The article seemed to want to express that this could be quite a challenge for Mark, as he is a 'red blooded carnivore'. Yeah people, a carnivore is someone who only eats meat. Mark Dapin says that he eats lots of fruit and veg (as well as lots of meat.) That makes him a herbivore, NOT a carnivore. Eating lots of meat does not make you a carnivore! angry Whew! Now I've got that off my chest...
So he says his typical meals would be cereal with milk or bread with butter and cheese for breakfast, a burger for lunch, meat for dinner, and sausages for snacks. Excuse my rudeness, but...shouldn't this guy have had a hard attack by now? Bloody hell that's a lot of saturated fat (and fat in general) and cholesterol! tongue (he did say he could eat a packet of raw carrots in a day,so maybe that makes up for it?  rolleyes) sum it up for you, he basically ate processed fake meat for the whole week, did no research on what to eat, ate at least the things that turned out not to be vegan (fries, chips, doughnuts, etc.) (as a result of the lack of research, he didn't know what a legume was, he didn't do any proper cooking, and he pretty much gave a bad rep for vegans. Oh, and he ate bread and tea for breakfast. Ever heard of soy milk and cereal?
Sorry if this is sounding nasty, but it annoyed me a lot. He made it sound as if vegans live of fake meat and bread, and have trouble getting protein. And he certainly didn't make  vegan diet sound healthy. There was some good stuff in it with Greg McFarlane, president of the NSW vegan society. He congratulated Mark for eating a vegan diet, but said he hadn't actually 'gone vegan' for a week, because being vegan is more than just not eating animal products.
What annoyed me about the article was that Mark Dapin didn't even seem to research veganism or animal rights- he knew to some extent why people go vegan, but he didn't watch any videos or educate himself so he could really understand why it is so important.
I do 'love' (well, like quite a bit) Mark Dapin and his columns, but I have lost a bit of respect for him now. Mark Dapin, if you are reading this, watch Earthlings!!!

Sorry for my nasty rant, I was just disappointed. sad And someone had to be the crazy angry vegan who knocks the article. I am looking forward (kind of) to reading the comments about it in next weeks Good weekend (in the opinion/comment section). Although, they could be from annoying 'carnivores' saying that vegans are stupid dirty hippies.sad

Oh yes, and also that 'vegan' boxer...He apparently has been eating a 'strictly vegan diet' for two years, which was all good and well, until I turned the page and read (something along these lines) 'We sat on black leather couches and he (the boxer) drank lemon and honey tea...'
Yeah. confused

JayT JayT VIC Posts: 525
2 8 May 2011
I have this sitting on my bed. I read the Mark article and was disappointed too. What he ate sounded plain, boring, and yuck. And to whomever reads this will think every Vegan eats like that too. People should stop writing articles like this. They are trying to be something they are not, incorrectly, and give us a bad name.
I haven't read the Mike article just yet, but to hear what it says is a little disappointing.