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Salad bars

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Ballpoint Ballpoint SA Posts: 46
1 11 May 2011
I went out to dinner tonight with my family to the same place as always which only offers 1 meat free dish but I wasn't too bothered because as most places have, it had a salad bar which is free with any main course.

But I went to grab some potato salad and it had bacon, there was also something else that didn't look too bad (not a clue what) which also had tiny little cubed pinkish bits that didn't look like red onion or anything else I could think of apart from again, bacon.

Does it get under anyone elses skin that the "salad bar" is no longer meat free and you now need to have a good look before eating?

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
2 11 May 2011
Yeah, I find it ridiculous that one now struggles to find salad devoid of meat- as if seeking out the dairy-and-egg filled salads wasn't work enough! Our society seems to feel the need to add meat wherever possible, and in as great a quantity as possible, and yet we wonder why obesity is becoming such a huge issue.

I think it's wrong that a salad bar is generally presented as being a healthy option, even though healthy, veg*an salads are getting harder and harder to find.

Ballpoint Ballpoint SA Posts: 46
3 11 May 2011
Probably the biggest thing I don't understand is peoples infatuation with bacon. When I used to have meat I would have bacon from time to time and bacon was... bacon, nothing flash, just another meat.

I absolutely love potato salad as do a huge number of people, so I don't have the slightest idea why people add bacon to it.

Also I would love to go vegan but unfortunately at this point in time I'm too run off my feet to be able to research what additives etc. contain traces of animal and what not (I still feel bad about eating it at the moment though) but as you said it's getting harder to find veg*n salads, there wasn't even just a plain garden salad so vegans would have to sit at a table and enjoy a glass of water while the rest ate their meals.

Chewie Chewie NSW Posts: 521
4 11 May 2011
Totally understand where you're coming from Ryan! I went to a friend's birthday, which was catered for, and asked if the salad had any animal products in it. The chef said no, so I ate two portions of it... Then was informed by a friend that the tiny specks of stuff in the salad was bacon - I didn't realise at all. This may sound lame but I got a bit teary.

JayT JayT VIC Posts: 525
5 11 May 2011
These days, the only Vegetarian salad is usually the "Garden Salad" which contains lettuce, lettuce, and more lettuce. Every other salad seems to have meat in it.

lividlotus lividlotus NSW Posts: 301
6 11 May 2011
Jordanwts said:
These days, the only Vegetarian salad is usually the "Garden Salad" which contains lettuce, lettuce, and more lettuce. Every other salad seems to have meat in it.
Tell me about it!
We definitely need a demand for more veg*n options/dishes and the other thing is to bring your own food or eat beforehand.