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Lion Nathan - Vegan

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Jubes Jubes NSW Posts: 48
1 23 May 2011

I'm sure this topic has been posted before but I'm not sure how to search for previous threads so I am posting a new one...

I just received back and email from the Lion Nathan company and would like to share with you:
Hi Julia

Thank you for your email, as from 01/01/03 all Lion Products are Brewed and Packaged without the use of any Animal Products.

The only Ingredients we use in our beers are-
“Water (potable water)
“Hops (bittering agent, can be in the form of pellets or liquid)
“Malted Barley (Types used: pale malt, roasted malt, crystal malt)
“Sugar (liquid in some brews)
“Yeast (the fermenting agent) - not strictly a raw material-but we refer to it as the fermenting agent

Isinglass was used until December 2002 and now no longer used. Hope this information helps thanks.

Thank You.


See:  to check out all their beers etc ...


I also received a response from Nudie - as I was surprised to find out that some apple juices aren't vegan friendly, So I asked about their "nothing but 20 apples" apple juice:

The only animal input is the staff who work in the factory!

Fret thee not – our nudies and nothing but ranges are all vegan approved.

All the best…


Webman nudie

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
2 23 May 2011
Lion-Nathan rocks! cool