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Cruelty free hair dyes

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psychokitten psychokitten QLD Posts: 340
11 25 May 2011
kim. said:
hey guys, i need some vegan hair dye too, but i want permanent ones that come in colours of the rainbow like pink, blue, purple etc. tongue i live in adelaide, but buying online is cool too. got any suggestions? i have tried fudge but it doesnt stay in very long at all.. thanks
Idk if its vegan (probably not) but I used Rusk Scream for a long time, very vibrant and lasts ages. Colours mix well too.
I used Fudge as well, I found that mixing a squirt in with a handful of conditioner whenever I washed my hair kept the colour bright, only left it on five or so minutes while I showered.
Got kinda hard when I had like half blue, half green or pink with a purple fringe...
Still preferred Fudge and topping it up than Rusk.
There was one other I think, let you know if I remember.

Gwendolen Gwendolen QLD Posts: 12
12 25 May 2011
De Lorenzo!! All of there other hair products are cruelty and animal product free so I presume the same of the dye. Only problem it's a salon product so you'd need a hair dresser friend to dye it for you. And they have naturals to wacky colours. I currently have fire red hair which is dyed and maintained with cruelty free products (:
Give them a go!!
Available at all those price attack, hair house warehouse kind of places (:

lyds lyds NSW Posts: 300
13 26 May 2011
henna or erm purr  hair dies i think, im looking for the same stuff :F

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
14 5 May 2012
Does anyone know of any semi-permanent hair dyes that are vegan? (more natural colours).
Pretty much all the vegan hair dyes I have found so far are permanent sad

I don't mind buying online, or from overseas.

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
15 5 May 2012
I did a lot of searching online and I think I have found two vegan semi-permanent hair colours:
Atlantis -
Which does not test on animals and the ingredients look vegan to me.

Revlon Nutri-Colour Creme -
I am fairly sure Revlon stopped testing on animals? As they are listed as okay on Peta's website.

Susanne1 Susanne1 Australia Posts: 1
16 24 Jul 2013
There is a company called Tish & Snooky's  Manic Panic online store, they are cruelty free and sell permanent and semi permanent Hair dyes & make up. Cheers

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
17 25 Jul 2013
PAWS in Northbridge sell vegan hair dye for the more natural looking colours. DeLorenzo I'm also pretty sure do dyes.

If you want crazy colours, I sing the praises of Manic Panic. It's available online and in a lot of Price Attack stores.

Mercedes Mercedes VIC Posts: 15
18 24 May 2014
De Lorenzo hair colour and hair products are Australian and are all certified cruelty free and free from animal products. They have nova color permanent in a large range of colours (you have to go to a De Lorenzo salon and have these professionally done though - check their website for salon locations). Hairhouse Warehouse sells their semi permanent colours (lasts up to 8 weeks) and good colour shampoos, which enhance the colour you already have. Hope this is helpful! happy
Oh, and Revlon hair dies are NOT cruelty free!!!!!

Ryah Ryah QLD Posts: 1
19 16 Sep 2016

Charlie5 Charlie5 VIC Posts: 4
20 13 Jan 2017
Hi all just to update this question. Hairhouse Warehouse has a vegan brand of dyes called Naturigin vegan and cruelty free in a range of colours.  chick party wave

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