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I don't know what to do...

Bailey is gone.

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Shorty Shorty QLD Posts: 479
1 4 Jun 2011
If anyone remembers, a while back I was really depressed and had a lot of shit going on. I ended up getting a dog who didn't get along with our cats and I was forced to return him. Then finally I adopted a little Irish wolfhound puppy, Bailey, who made my life worth living again.

Thursday I came home to find that Bailey had (while only meaning to play) killed one of our cats and my mother had surrendered her to the rspca. Once again, I just wish I was dead.

I just need her back. I don't know how or what I could do to get my baby back, but I need her. If I didn't have my bf, I'd be dead already.

I really don't know what to do. Mum made it clear that she doesn't want to risk taking her back in case she hurt someone else. I need help. What the hell do I do? I guess if there was someone in Cairns that could look after her for awhile, but apart from that, I have no idea what to do...

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur QLD Posts: 1087
2 4 Jun 2011
Oh I'm so sorry to hear that sad
Unfortunately I don't know anyone in or around Cairns so I'm of no help, but I'll be sending positive thoughts your way and I hope that it gets sorted and that you're able to get Bailey back.

Shorty Shorty QLD Posts: 479
3 6 Jun 2011
Thanks for your support :3

Please, does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Ridiculous, impossible or serious suggestions, I'd consider anything.

I need help...

meh meh NSW Posts: 2674
4 6 Jun 2011
Do you have any friends in your area that could foster her for a while? You could pay them for food and vet bills, etc.

Shorty Shorty QLD Posts: 479
5 6 Jun 2011
I've tried asking over facebook, but I'm not sure when I can ask them in person due to block exams at school.

I've considered just getting someone over 18 to adopt her, then i'll just keep her on leash with me until I can find somewhere for her. Only problem is that mum doesn't want her here at all, and I think it's a little cruel to keep her on leash all the time. Then again, I would do anything, even live away from home for awhile, I just dont have anywhere to stay so being kinda homeless isn't that appealing.

6 6 Jun 2011
Unfortunately in this circumstance I can see where your mother is coming from in regards to the dog having killed one of your cats.
Dragging him in and out of rspca is going to end up being worse off for him, as he will miss out on potential forever homes and could eventually end up being put down.

I think maybe you should even consider helping bailey find a forever home with someone so you know he's going to be looked after.

meh meh NSW Posts: 2674
7 6 Jun 2011
Maybe a no-kill shelter? Perhaps you could donate money to rspca to help pay for her care?

rottweiler rottweiler SA Posts: 1907
8 6 Jun 2011
If your mums set on not having him in the house.. As Miss Monster said.. You should be 100% focused on finding him a happy home.. Because his well being should come above anything else.. I would find it SO hard having to hand Cargo over to someone else.. But if i knew he'd be well looked after, and loved.. Then i'd do it- to steer clear of the risk of him being put down..

Shorty Shorty QLD Posts: 479
9 6 Jun 2011
I know she'd be right in a forever home, I know I should just give up, but I just can't..

She was my depression dog, the only one keeping me alive for so long, and now shes gone.  She was the only one I had, and she kept me happy.

Now my life is falling apart, everyone is treating me different. My mum wont listen, she keeps making me feel bad for so much stuff, my sister hates me and blames me for bailey killing her cat, my step dad is just always angry, and I can't stand to live here any longer.

I was planning to move out at the end of the year when I finish school and get a job, I just need a safe home for her until then. I know It's selfish, but I just need her back. I need her so badly.

rottweiler rottweiler SA Posts: 1907
10 6 Jun 2011
I know what it's like. My dog is my saviour, as many dogs are. My dog is everything to me, and so are most peoples pets. But your sister blaming your dog on the dead cat.. Didnt you say your dog killed her cat? So im pretty sure that she has every right to blame your dog??
Because if one of your siblings animals were to kill your dog, im sure you'd be EXTREMELY upset. If someones dog killed my dog, i'd be pissed.. So i think your sister has every right, and so does your mum, to not want your dog in the house. My bestfriends dog killed one of her mums new born kittens, and put another one in a realllyyy bad condition and it had to be put down, so her friend took the dog.. She knows it's loved for, and she misses her, but she knows its what she had to do.. You have to know that all the animals in your house have every right to be safe, and if your dog is jeopardising the safety of other animals, having it removed into a house without animals it can hurt is definately the best outcome for all.. Besides you i guess.. But if i was you, id take the welfare of all the animals above my happiness..

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