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Queen Almond Essence


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Chewie Chewie NSW Posts: 521
1 8 Jul 2011
Hi guys

Does anyone know whether Queen Almond Essence is vegan or not? I can't find anything online and I'd email the company but the cupcakes I'm baking at the moment call for almond essence, and I need to bake them tonight (vegan high tea tomorrow!). The ingredients are propylene glycol, water, glycerine, natural almond flavour. I'm worried the glycol and glycerine are of animal origin, but wanted to see whether any of the wonderful people of Unleashed had any idea about this particular essence.

Thank you!

Tracey Tracey QLD Posts: 127
2 9 Jul 2011
All I can say is I hope so! I've been using that stuff without even thinking about it...

Chewie Chewie NSW Posts: 521
3 12 Jul 2011
I didn't use it in the end, but I got an email response - it's vegan! ecstatic

Thank you for your email enquiry.

Queen Almond Essence does not contain any ingredients from animal sources, and is safe for use by vegetarians and vegans.