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Vegan Cake Mixes

Help! i need answers like now! :)

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ok ok NSW Posts: 232
1 11 Aug 2011
Hey Guys

my boss wants me to organise RSPCA cupcake day for Monday... i said i would only do it if we go 100% vegan, she said ok!

We have over 100 staff, and people like to volunteer to cook so i thought i could get some packaged cake mixes to give them to make them at home (with instructions!)

Ive found that Homebrand/Black And Gold vanilla and butter cake mix is apparently vegan but not much else... Recommendations? I need to buy it all tomorrow!!!

Sooooo unorganised.

Thx in advance!

ok ok NSW Posts: 232
2 11 Aug 2011

Jesse Jesse VIC Posts: 1117
4 11 Aug 2011
Unleashed Admin
If need be you can always add cocoa to the butter cake mix to make chocolate ones.

Mazzakat Mazzakat SA Posts: 103
5 11 Aug 2011
I think only the home brand one is vegan.  Good luck with your baking!

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
6 11 Aug 2011
ogran (i think thats the name) they're the ones who do the egg replacer anyway all theyre products are vegan/gluten free and all that.

in the health food isle at coles i notice other accidently vegan cake mixes. x

7 12 Aug 2011
wouldn't it be just as easy to send them home with oil, flour, baking powder, baking soda and some cocoa??

I wouldn't be using packet mixes personally.
I made these as a practice run for the cupcake day

It's pretty easy as long as you print out a recipe (or give them an online link) and the right ingredients