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Help me help animals

I need some really good points

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AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland VIC Posts: 95
1 12 Aug 2011
I want to convince my dad to let me become a vegetarian, because he is quite supportive of a lot of my opinions (random topics, not just vegetarianism) and he has said that if the idea of eating meat repulses me, or I don't like the taste, then that's ok, but he would probably be more supportive if I told/showed him some things about vegetarian nutrition, and that I will be perfectly healthy if I became a full vegetarian, and maybe he might even help to convince mum.

So does anyone have any good facts or websites that would help me? Thanks ecstatic

~Meghan cloud9 clap paw broccoli peace_out peace_out peace_out peace_out

AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland VIC Posts: 95
2 12 Aug 2011
Oh and I would really love them quite soon, so if that wouldn't be too much trouble, because I can't access the internet at home, it's been playing up and we don't really know when the modem is coming
Thanks happy

Cherry Pie Cherry Pie VIC Posts: 144
3 12 Aug 2011
well this is horrifying but if u r allowed show them the four conners live export or the movie earthlings

Pegs Pegs VIC Posts: 1538
4 12 Aug 2011
Hmm, maybe show them a whole bunch of vegetarian athletes, or bring Tay over and show them that Tay has been a vego for 2 years and she hasn't died yet wink

Hmm, I'll get back to you on that wink

AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland VIC Posts: 95
6 13 Aug 2011
Thanks for all the help so far guys, I'll take a look, now that I've got my internet back, it's all good happy

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
7 15 Aug 2011
Tell him that with so many fortified food these days, kids don't need to eat low quality life forms.


Anyone know a good source of vegan calcium? Something I havn't thought of like.. rice or oat milk; something like.. the magical berry, from magic land.. mostly commonly eaten by magicians, who don't like crumbly toe nails.

Vegetarian is easy... lots of animals do it.. they just have the help of milk for a little while.. where as you can have it for as long as you want... and cheese and every other thing. Personally i'd go out and get a blood test now before you start happy then you have a nice basis to check back on and form your own thoughts about how to manage it.

I wasn't joking entirely though, fortified foods are pretty abundant...  fruit and veges will be a heap of your diet?? Fresh food is mostly the idea, do you have a garden at home that could grow some shtuff? If you randomly plant some veges or something, it would probably show them you are serious hahaha.

Hmmm you don't really need to shock and awe them i'm sure most people grasp the whole deal, it is why they block it out... because it is an unnessesary emotional and physiological toll/drain when they are fine trusting the market place to provide them with clean food, and media to provide the with the most sustainable diet.

Maybe go for the 'interesting facts' approach... like... b12 can be found in many places for human consumption. or.. that Einstein didn't eat meat.


xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
8 15 Aug 2011
no cholesterol hence lower risk of heart disease and high cholesterol {most adults suffer)
lower fat and sodium
higher intake of vitamins ......

i use specific things depending on who im convincing.

google someting like vegan health benefits.

people really want to be healthy. also some people believe vegans live 5-15 years longer than omnis. you can use that because its online haha

just throws heaps of those points at them x