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Veggies have never been yummier :)

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Jacqui T Jacqui T NSW Posts: 796
1 4 May 2009
So, everyone here knows that being vegetarian/vegan is a GREAT cruelty-free lifestyle; but its still not so good if you're not getting the right nutritious value- a sexy veg is a healthy one so Im going to ask you to leave comments on your favourite veggie foods and tips to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle.

MY TIP: variation is the key for me, don't just stay with the same vegetables or fruits as it tends to start tasting bland! Don't be afraid to try new things especially the foods that give you the right iron and minerals that you may miss out just eating the same old.

gaytee. gaytee. NSW Posts: 40
2 4 May 2009
oo fun!
uhhmmmm STIRR FRYS! ahhhh.
i make the best stirr fry in the world!
adding heaps of nuts, and beans to them as well helps boost up the nutrition value! as well as all them yumo vegies and tofu.

oo tonight i cooked my family yum as BURITOS!
i mashed up some sweet potato, added kidney beans, onion, and garlic into a frying pan, and heaps of yummy spices!
then wrapped them up in burritos, and popped them in the oven. BEST EVER! plus non vegos love them to! great conversion tricks hehe
oo and the best snacks ever have got to be sesame snaps!
if your having trouble with getting all the nutrients you need you can always take a multi vitamin, but its probs better if u just look into all the stuff you need. heaps healthier!

Jacqui T Jacqui T NSW Posts: 796
3 4 May 2009
Ohh yum as! Remind me to invite you for a dinner party ;D haha.

Another thing I'd like to add is questioning your doctor about how to keep a healthy diet is a good tactic.

Now if you're like me and do need help with your daily intake of iron, protein or minerals needed to grow up tall and strong then you can find vegan/vegetarian friendly capsules. Now Im not exactly sure what's in the other ones that doesn't make them friendly.. I wasn't really listening... but just check the label . I take FAB iron capsules if that's any help happy

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
4 5 May 2009
Almonds are good. They have Omega 3 which we all need to keep our brains going to educate others about being veg! I THINK you only need 8 or so a day to get your required intake but you'll have to check to make sure.  strong

april-san april-san QLD Posts: 368
5 5 May 2009
There's a lot of great vegetarian indian food out there, because most Indians are Hindu, and Hindus are vegetarian. It's great because you can pretty much put whatever vegies in it, and it gives variety and makes eating plain ol' vegetables tastier. And it's really good for you!

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR VIC Posts: 663
6 5 May 2009
Hmm, a great way to introduce variety is to seek recipes and foods from different cultures and countries. Almost every culture has some delicious vege food, whether it be mexican, greek, indonesian or african, with focuses on particular spices and blends.

You will also find food that you never knew existed. So seek out the cultures!

Jacqui T Jacqui T NSW Posts: 796
7 5 May 2009
That's a pretty helpful tip and if people like in most cases live with meat eaters, the variation would be good for them as they can have a nice cruelty-free meal every now and then and agree its oh so tasty. I think that helps prevent a lot of dinner meal arguements.

In basically every book store there will be a few vegetarian and vegan books in the cooking section, you may have to search but they are there.

To extend this question, I would also like to ask what you guys found difficult when you started to become vegetarian?

Mine was the fact that my family are meat eaters therefore the difference for me caused a few complications, but it comes out well in the long run.

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
8 5 May 2009
Jacqui   Love.Hate said:
To extend this question, I would also like to ask what people found hard when they started to become vegetarian?

Mine was the fact that my family are meat eaters therefore the difference for me caused a few complications, but it comes out well in the long run.
I also had those family problems... but I think my mum is 90% converted =P ... atleast I know 100% she'll NEVER eat pork, veal or chicken again (thanks Animals Australia for the info laugh ) At the start there were always problems travelling, "Sister: Let's go to Sydney for the weekend...oh, but what will MATT eat?" After a while though this stopped as I learn't which restauraunts were likely to have vegan food like indian and chinese places.

I also had HUGE problems at the start with nutriton. Before I began hitting up the forums I just stuck to peanut better sandwiches and potato chips- yuck I know. I was so dizzy for like 3 weeks! But that's all a thing of the past!  wink

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
9 14 May 2009
Most difficult thing for me - definately family too.

Isn't it sad.... that most find family the most difficult. I think it is really important for parents to support their kids. I ate very poorly as a vegetarian (I became vegetarian at 15). It's only since becoming vegan, when I eliminated more food groups, that I realised how important it was to make up for essential nutrients.

Rainbow Fox Rainbow Fox QLD Posts: 91
10 15 May 2009
Best idea to keep food interesting is to invite all your friends around, go out on a grocery shop together and just wing it and knock up a giant feast>!< Sit down catch up and eat super awesome food.

I love doing this because I find grocery shopping with my friends great fun, plus we get to do all the food prep together and stuff. It always turns out interesting because we all have different favourite flavours ( I love warm vegie filled stuff, another likes cold crisp pasta and sushi dishes, another loves heaps of creaminess).

Family is a little tough at the start when going vege or vegan, but once they come to the realisation that it isn't a 'phase', they are okay happy
Plus i bring my Mum back stories of stuff I have seen at uni during the week and she is completely freaked out about the meat and dairy industry now. She has went way off the porks especially, ever since I had to go through the intensive pig farms. It was far worse than I imagined and I don't think any sort of content on the internet comes close to what it is really like in there. So much stuff that I didn't even know and that isn't even on the internets.

Family can always be converted - thats the greatness of it. Plus when I come home on weekends now my family has all vegan meals at dinner happy

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