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unsuportive friends

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cora-jane cora-jane VIC Posts: 13
1 24 Aug 2011
im a vegetian, but my friends are not very suportive and try to  get me to eat  meat, i need ideas to help them to understand

KittyLover KittyLover VIC Posts: 281
2 24 Aug 2011
Start telling them what happens to the animals before they get killed just so people can eat them happy

Clud Clud VIC Posts: 1559
3 24 Aug 2011
Start telling them that it is a healthier diet, and several studies have shown that it is even healthier than a diet with meat. As well how it is much more ethical and environmentaly friendly. If they don't believe you, show them short videos/docos, websites, books, pamphlets etc.

If they still don't believe you or are being mean to you about it, tell them how it is making you feel and that you want them to stop and there not being suportive or acceptive friends for you right now.

cora-jane cora-jane VIC Posts: 13
4 24 Aug 2011
they never be mean but it does somtimes make me feel bad, i have told them about what happends, they just say at least it tastes good. i will stand up for what i believe in, and wont give in but it would be good if they gave me a rest once in a while

Ashlyn Ashlyn WA Posts: 104
5 24 Aug 2011
ask them if they would actually go grab a cow/chicken/pig...kill it with their own it, and then butcher iit up into pieces..and then eat it WITHOUT adding any flavours to it to make it taste better..then see if they still think it taste yummy...if this doesnt work..well theres heaps of other things you could say regarding health..pretty sure vegetarians/vegans live a few years longer than omnivores and things such as we have heaaappsss lower risk of getting cancer =]

Pegs Pegs VIC Posts: 1538
6 24 Aug 2011
Just say "I'd rather be a vegetarian than a corpse muncher"

I get that same problem. Especially when she knows how I feel, and then she joins in sad

Or you could always dare them to watch Earthlings, and if they say no, just say "Well you can't really eat meat if you don't want to know where it comes from"

Nawww, wish I could help you more!

MelissaFay MelissaFay NSW Posts: 47
7 24 Aug 2011
Yeah I have the same problem honey :/ Its not nice at all hey. For the most part they are curious about it all, like its this world none of them know about but this one friend will always try to make a connection between me being a lesser person or just a "pussy" for being a vegan. Outrages me so much I won't go near him anymore. You just need to do what you know to be right. Youre helping animals and I bet you feel amazing for doing so, don't let others take that away from you

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
8 24 Aug 2011
im not sure if this would work in a positive way but maybe you could get slaughter pictures of animals, print them into palm cards, keep them in your wallets nd whip them out when they start hassling you, they won't want to look at the pictures...might get them to leave you alone

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
9 24 Aug 2011
my friends are unsupportive of my yearning to be cuddled...

that is deal with that  :<

Catyren Catyren WA Posts: 542
10 24 Aug 2011
A lot of people like to try and get you to compromise your values because deep down they're guilty and if you fail it will make them feel better. I say just come out and say "look, you don't have to stop eating meat but I have. You could at least respect my decision and stop trying to pressure me into eating it if you're not going to support me like a real friend would. If you really want to understand why I am vegetarian I would be happy to tell you or direct you to documentaries, books and studies that explain my view."

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