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How our protests make a difference

An insight into exporting

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carmielee carmielee SA Posts: 16
1 3 Sep 2011
I just wanted to share a few facts to encourage everyone to keep up their fight for an end to the live export trade.
I work for an international logistics company (NOT involved with shipping livestock of course!) And can therefore reveal some good news about our efforts each and every time we stand together in protest. Here are some uplifting facts about why peaceful protests make more of an impact than you might think....
For every day that a ship is delayed in loading, it costs upwards of $15,000 in demurrage (ship waiting time).
These ships are charged berthing fees, wharfage, pilot and a number of other charges which begins to rapidly add up every time we delay their entry/exit to port.
The longer we halt their loading and departure, the more likely the ports will ask them to move on if they are not working the ship, they are not allowed to simply sit in a berth that other ships may have booked. They can also be charged with congestion fees.
And let's not forget about the road transport. Trucking cancellation fees are charged hourly, so for each truck that is delayed or turned away or cancelled, the cost continues to grow.
Now whether these costs are covered by the exporter such as Emanuel in the case of the Al Shuwaikh, or by the customer themselves, every time we delay loading by even one hour...we impact the profit margins for every link in the live export chain.
Eventually shipping companies will see there is no value in converting their car carriers into livestock carriers, as the costs can potentially strip them of any profit.
Every time we show up in numbers, hold our banners and raise our voices, we shine a media spotlight which no one can deny.
I hope this gives you a little more hope. While I stood there with many at Port Adelaide today, I kept reminding myself of these facts. We couldn't save those 67,000 but we have certainly made a difference. love

Pegs Pegs VIC Posts: 1538
2 3 Sep 2011
That is awesome! Keep it up guys! I can't believe that, that is just so good! happy

Cheryl2 Cheryl2 WA Posts: 22
3 4 Sep 2011
I live in WA could not be there, I would like to thank for doing your bit and everyone else that went to the docks, bless you all we will win in the end

Margaret3 Margaret3 SA Posts: 4
4 5 Sep 2011
Just the fact that the decision of which dock to load the Al Shuwaikh was changed 3 times before they started loading says heaps about the rallys beginning to hit where it hurts. (DH truckie at wharfs. Wharf working friends say we are just plain, b....y annoying. We need to go away!)Yeah Right!