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Help to be Vegan

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Maddyson Maddyson VIC Posts: 6
1 18 Sep 2011
I want to be a vegan soo bad, but its so hard, im 18 but i dont get my own money because were not very wealthy, i live with my Mum a 5 brothers and sisters, im underweight which also makes it hard, i dont know were i can go to shop to get vegan food, im vegetarian but i still have dairy in my diet and i feel so guilty because of it! How can i become Vegan?!

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
2 18 Sep 2011
Hi, I think that in your situation you are best to try changing your diet in steps. Try substituting one non vegan product from your diet, and then when you feel comfortable doing so you can move onto replacing another product!
For starters you could try replacing your butter/margarine with a non dairy spread such as nuttelex. Or you could try switching your dairy milk to soy, oat or rice milk (all of these can be bought from the supermarket and are around the same price as dairy milk).
Most Woolworths and Coles stores stock a wide range of vegan products. A lot of sanitarium products are vegan (see the vegan logo on the packet), and Frys products are all vegan (find them in the freezer isle).

These links should help.......
Shopping for food:


Best of luck! Even if you don't end up fully switching to a vegan diet, at least the changes that you have made are making a difference =)

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
3 19 Sep 2011
what dairy do you rely on?


get oat milk, rice milk or soy milk.. oat is nice for cereals and hot drinks.. rice for drinking normally i guess aaanndd... soy.. for feeling congested lol.

cheese? um.. I guess just don't eat it. icecream... ? soy ice cream is much nicer.
yogurt... eh.. same as cheese, it isn't necessary. Tofutti makes a nice cream cheese spread.

I forget what dairy is actually in that needs to be eaten lol.

look up what foods calcium is in, that is a major thing I guess.

avoid or read most chippies labels.. they often have milk in them or milk solids.

the hardest thing about veganism is the hidden / concealed animal  derivatives.. if every product said 'animal' 'non-animal' HOW easy would it be to be vegan LOL... you'd just eat the stufff. that doesn't use animals LOL... I mean... how is that difficult.. so slowly build up your repertoire of things you know are entirely vegan and slowly it becomes easy to shop and survive ... adding more and more to that list until yay... you have more options than things you even liked/would eat before anyways ecstatic

the first part is looking for something you like the idea of eating a can of soup.. and read the labels.. after time you will associate that 'ew' feeling to 'what you like the idea of eating' and you'l become less likely to pick up something which has animools in it. I read so many labels... bring it home and milk is sitting right there.. in bold... so you need to really want to find it straight up.. it is just exercise for your will. Don't be too bummed out if you keep finding animal in stuff,there are heaps of alternatives.

I found animal in.. most canned soups, almost all rice crackers (the sakata sort of ones)... all doritos but the original ones, all baked beans but the plain ones, all chips... pretty much >_>   red rock... grain waves etc. most flavour enhancers... Keep a list of enumbers with you, as soon as it says e-something... be a lil suspicious unless you recognise it.. most 'acids' are fine.. you can kind of tell the ew ones.

apparently orange soft drinks are suspicious esp made by coke... I don't know i've emailed so many companies.. don't be afraid to call the customer line either, they are used to the question and the call is free usually too. so when you're out shopping just read labels of things you want to om nom.

hmm for home cooked meals.. it makes it difficult.
just be certain about it.. your parents can leave the cheese off your serve... or use heaps of olive oil instead of butter fats and stuff.

vegan pizza.. no cheese.. actually turns out really quite nice.

sorry i'm not more informative.. maybe I need more information :p

Imaginary Product Imaginary Product NSW Posts: 142
4 19 Sep 2011
Why dont you get a part time job, then you'll have your own money to spend on whatever you like.

There is pretty much a vegan alternative to most dairy products out there.

Unfortunately they can be more expensive.  I get by on what they have in the supermarkets with a rare trip to a more vegan-friendly store.  Things like kingland soy yohgurt (comes in a variety pack of four flavours); soy mayo is available in coles; Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese can be found in larger supermarkets; so good soy ice cream or dairy free gelatos; smooze ice-creams (made with coconut milk and available in the non-frozen iceblock section).

I would also highly recommend coconut cream if you are worried about being underweight as it is calorie and fat-dense.  You can add it to coffee, hot choc, make curries, creamy soups etc.  Should be able to google some good recipes.

A lot of the mock-meat products are quite high in calories too.  Frys 'chicken' schnitzel with a side of mashed potatos made with a good dollop of the full fat nutellex and some green veg would be a good dinner - some soy icecream or yohgurt for dessert of course.

A quick and easy snack I like is fried tofu with dipping sauce.  Cut tofu of your choice into cubes, coat in a mix of plain flour with salt and pepper added, deep or shallow fry in oil until crispy and golden on the outside, serve with dipping sauce of your choice (I like lemon juice with white pepper added but you could use soy, sweet chilli, vegan mayo etc)

If you are on facebook I recommend joining two groups: Vegan Products You Can Buy in Australia and Vegan Friendly Places to Eat in Australia.  Both are great.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
5 19 Sep 2011 shops. ahem, is that its spelling?lσl

Makes a mean carrot sorbet and they list alllll ingredients on the display cabinet.

Sorbet is generally not animool, because the gelati is one n away from what it is to a vegan,
gelatin. neeeiiighh. but if not that the gelati in supermarkets has milk added so look out for mango sorbet for a real treat :3


that new mart I mentioned over from coles has many many many mock meats.

I still don't grasp... seeking to appeal to vegans and calling it 'soy roast chicken' or some shit, seriously i'm never going to eat that... just because it sickens me. all those gross vegan meals in cook books smothered in gravy make me wanna gag.

oooOo maybe buy your rents a vegan cookbook?

they might find some easy things to do...

I make pasta/penne with tomato olive and chilli sauce.. rice cooker is invaluable... i use it to make soups, pasta... everything these days lol.

srsly.. 20 seconds in a microwave is worse than 5 mins boiling.. it turns proteins or vitamins into something useless to human consumption apparently (after a few mins).. if you cook meat in a microwave I bet it is no better than eating some carrots and legumes in terms of vitamin content and protein-ness ._ .

but yeah basically to that you can add mushrooms... capsicum.. or make a Dahl (google: best ever dahl recipe) instead with rice as a side.. that is pretty cheap option.. much much cheaper than meats or dairies probably (uses curry powder and coconut milk). I do miss macaroni... buuuttt eh.. I've found zen house meegoreng noods instead so i'm happy.

VeganEra VeganEra QLD Posts: 202
6 19 Sep 2011
Hey, we have heaps of free info about adopting a Vegan lifestyle.

Not only that, please feel free to contact us at any time if you ever have any questions. We are here for you.
We know how hard it can be, but we assure you that you will never look back. You will feel so amazing.

Maddyson Maddyson VIC Posts: 6
8 27 Sep 2011
Thanks for your help guys, i have another question. I found this website about free rage eggs, but after so many farmers lie about how they treat their chickens im not sure weather to believe it or not, i would love to but what do you think, does it look legit?

VeganEra VeganEra QLD Posts: 202
9 27 Sep 2011
In our humble opinion it is best to stay away from them altogether. I know you may have a few struggles from time to time about dropping things, but believe us when we say your whole being will feel so uplifted because you made the choice to not harm directly or indirectly our beautiful animal friends. Lots of people will say lots of things to you, but stay strong in your new conviction. You are doing such an amazing job, all our beautiful animal friends are singing your praise for helping them.

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
10 27 Sep 2011
all Free range eggs are locked up at some stage being forced to produce eggs for us.... and the poor little male chicks who are just seen as waste.

I was telling my dad who said he could eat 2 eggs , 3 times a day to NOT buy from any big egg producer that if someone wants eggs they should get them from a local farmer where the chickens arnt used a meat etc or do anything wrong.

for instance we use to have like 7 chickens and no rooster and they leave eggs all over the property which would just rot so we use to eat them. back when i was omni.. we could have sold them . thats the sort of family i would be buying them off.

as far as meat/dairy replacements YES, the supermarkets all sell soy,oat milk etc. Soy is the cheapest so you sould be able to get someone to buy that for you. And meat is pretty ecpensive anyway. For instance the Sanitarium vegan 'Deli Luncheon' is cheaper than some sandwich hams. Thevegie  sausages can be about the same amount as the meat ones. x

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