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Conflicting information

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Chewie Chewie NSW Posts: 521
1 26 Sep 2011
It's been posted on here a number of times (and on other sites I've come across) that Allen's Sherbies are vegan. For some reason I can never find them in grocery stores (I went to three yesterday without any luck), so the only times I get to eat them is at the local pub where they have free lollies, or at meetings/class where they often have them in bowls with mints... Because they're individually wrapped, they don't have the ingredients listed, but I've trusted what I've read as everyone says they're vegan.

After searching online it's come to my attention that they may contain gelatine... Which makes me feel sick and awful, as I've eaten a lot of them recently.

According to this lolly shop, they're vegan:

But I did a search on other sites ( and and they include gelatine as an ingredient.

Can anyone (perhaps someone who has bought them recently from a store and can access the ingredients list) clarify? Perhaps it's a case of the size of the packet you buy as to whether they have gelatine? Although I can't imagine why, as they're individually wrapped so it shouldn't matter.

I just searched the Nestle website and gelatine isn't listed as an ingredient. I'm confused.

le gabrielle le gabrielle QLD Posts: 214
2 26 Sep 2011
Maybe they changed the ingredients and used to have gelatine, but don't anymore? and just haven't updated the other sites? i'd probably go with what the nestle website says given that they make them and stuff. You could always email them or phone their customer centre thing to clarify?

Chewie Chewie NSW Posts: 521
3 26 Sep 2011
I did email but never received a response. The information about them being vegan is at least 3 years old so it wouldn't make sense for distributors to have 3-4 year old ingredient listings... I'm leaning towards maybe them containing gelatine in other countries, and perhaps people are importing them? It's just a warning to those vegans who love sherbies as much as I do! I might try and find an Officeworks today to see what the packet says in real life.

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
4 26 Sep 2011
I bought them a few weeks ago and there was definetly NO gelatine listed as an ingredient.... i checked every sort addictive on the packet to and it was def vegan..... the colourings and stuff arnt good for you but they are aniaml free