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Japanese To Head South For Whaling This Year

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Courtney890 Courtney890 QLD Posts: 3
1 3 Oct 2011
So the Sunshine Coast Sea Shepherd volunteers stood together for Ocean Conservation on Saturday (will be in the Sunshine Coast Daily tomorrow 4/10/2011, hopefully). We also found out that the Japanese are planning to head down into our southern oceans to whale again this year. The Japanese government will be funding the whaling with $26 million, usually in the past this funding has been somewhere between 10-12 million dollars. With last years Sea Shepherd campaign, we were shocked to hear this news, the Japanese went home early not meeting anywhere near to their whale quota. Due to Japan's economic situation and the tsunami we could not believe what we read in the news.
Sea Shepherd will be preparing to meet the Japanese whalers in the southern waters. This years campaign is called Devine Wind... you can read all about it at
Please donate to Sea Shepherd to keep the ships in the water, it costs a lot of money for Sea Shepherd to run them.

Scuba-addict Scuba-addict United Kingdom Posts: 107
2 4 Oct 2011

If only they had more boats....

Courtney890 Courtney890 QLD Posts: 3
3 4 Oct 2011
There is talk of getting another ship but we need donations. The Japanese did attack and ram one of our ships, the Ady Gil. Tell everyone you know to donate!

VeganEra VeganEra QLD Posts: 202
4 4 Oct 2011
Thanks for sharing Courtney890 - the work that you guys do is amazing!