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who likes chickens

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Leonard Leonard SA Posts: 11
1 7 Oct 2011
plese tell me if any one likes chickens including yourself it will not mater if you are boy or girl (I have also done ferrets)

dvsbass dvsbass SA Posts: 7
2 7 Oct 2011
free range ;P I like watching them scratch around in a dirt bath happy

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
3 7 Oct 2011
i use to have about 8 lovely little chickens on our acreage, they were free to roam all the paddocks............ luckiest chickens =) .... all chickens should be free

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
4 7 Oct 2011
i do but can you keep  these to one thread? lol thanks happy

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
5 7 Oct 2011
chickens are awsum happy i have 18 beautiful hens and roosters. free range - locked up at night of course to protect them from foxes


..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
6 7 Oct 2011
I love chickens, I'd love to have one as a pet one day. happy

wynterwolfe wynterwolfe SA Posts: 27
7 9 Oct 2011
I want to get some chickens, but am renting so I can't have any more pets... I just wanna get some chickens and let them roam around the backyard doing their own thing, not having to service anyone by laying eggs if they don't want to. Just poop on my plants so they grow big! Haha.

Does anyone know how to go about rescuing battery hens? It would be great to give some a chance to have some freedom.