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Quorn Vegan Burger

For realz!

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xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
1 13 Oct 2011
Did anybody else know?
Apprently they use a potato starch or something as binder. Dairy + Egg free! *appluads*

.On wiki it said the company was sold this year, and the vegan burger was brought out this year too. ... so maybe the new people are gunna bring in more vegan products.  but i dont think they're in Australia yet.

fingers crossed for AUS x

I emailed the people who import Quorn and am waiting on a response =D  clap

i know there are other vegan burger options out there but i loved quorn when i was vegetarian. the texture was spot on

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
2 13 Oct 2011
They look amazing! I'll definitely be buying them, I hope they come to Australia soon!

Quorn is the favourite food of pretty much all vegetarians in the UK, it might inspire some to go vegan. I know some vegetarians in the UK who won't actually go vegan because they love Quorn so much.

Ron Ron NSW Posts: 233
3 13 Oct 2011
I've just emailed the importers and distributors too (Simplot):


Interestingly Simplot doesn't list Quorn amongst their products on their main site.  Perhaps they don't want it associated with their non-veg*n products.

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
4 13 Oct 2011

I would be SO happy. I looooooove the dippers and southern style burgers and the mince is handy.

Omni bf is a fan too so it would just make it a bit easier to switch up the dinner routine a bit with!!!

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasseee be true.

Ron Ron NSW Posts: 233
5 13 Oct 2011
They've replied already:

"There are no current plans to introduce this product in Australia however we will pass your feedback on to our marketing team for their information."  sad

Come on everybody: flood them with requests! happy

EDIT:  I've also left a message on Quorn's Facebook page:

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
6 13 Oct 2011
Yep - i got the same word for word reply from simplot....although they refrred to me as "Mr" ...hmmm thanks... lol

they said the same thing when i asked them if theyd ever go vegan so yes fingers & toes crossed for this one!

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
7 13 Oct 2011
i got so so excited at the title, i posted on their wall
i don't see why they don't just use egg replacement it is so much cheaper! ($4 for the equivalent of 66 eggs)
why have the tiniest bit of animal byproducts when so many more people would eat them if they were vegan!

Neenzi Neenzi WA Posts: 94
8 19 Oct 2011
I've  seen  a  few  Quorn  products  in  Woolworths.  Not  sure  if  they  stock  the  burgers  though.  I  will  check  next  time  I  am  there.

Operator Operator QLD Posts: 58
9 26 Oct 2011
I loved quorn... But alas, it's now off limits.

However, I have found out that a lot of Fry's stuff is vegan. (I just purchased their vegetarian original hotdogs... I flipped out when I turned the box over by accident and spotted "Suitable for vegans") They are in the frozen foods section in a green box. On the back it will say if it's suitable for vegans... They taste very similar to ACTUAL hotdogs which is good if you're transitioning. (Just something to tide y'all over until Quorn bows down to the demands of the vegans!!  wink)