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What to serve omni friends at my party?

Do I serve meat or..?

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Ashlyn Ashlyn WA Posts: 104
21 15 Oct 2011

Ashlyn Ashlyn WA Posts: 104
22 15 Oct 2011
TheSixthStitch said:
Not that I would recommend it, but.. you could go all Hannibal Lector like and serve your friends meat and then reveal after they've finished that they actually ate a friend who couldn't make it on the night. *cue "muahahaha"*

Or not.
yeah i was thinking along the lines of like .get a 'insert farm animal'  and tell them they have to kill it to eat it..not that id would get them thinking tho....

23 16 Oct 2011
Stick to vegan foods I say. It's not going to kill them not to eat a dead animal and enjoy your company at the same time!

A few easy yet delicious vegan foods are:

Sausage rolls! - you can either make them yourself, buy premade vegan ones, OR buy some sanitarium sausages and wrap them in some vegan puff pastry (Borgs brand or pampas are both vegan and you can buy them in the frozen section of coles/woolies)

Samosas - you can get these premade or make them yourself

Spring rolls - See samosas.

Vegetable skewers - SO EASY TO MAKE YOURSELF!

Punch - see vegetable skewers - would be worried if punch had meat in it.

chocolate fountain - use dark chocolate! Have some cherries and strawberries alongside it for dipping.

cracker plate - you can make and purchase vegan pate, olives and cocktail onions are already vegan, buy some sanitarium polony slice and chop it up. You could even have a crack at making a block of vegan cheese yourself ( it tastes just as good when you don't melt it, and is the same consistency as cheese. And just have some crackers and maybe a side of hommus.

Original flavoured Doritos and salsa - all the hard work has been done for you.

Wedges and sourcream/sweet chilli - make your own wedges with some potato, and use tofutti sour cream along side some sweet chilli sauce.

And who doesn't love a good spinach cob loaf dip?

Hope this was useful for someone out there happy

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur QLD Posts: 1087
24 16 Oct 2011
I love the dark chocolate fountain idea! I'm going to use it next time I have a party!

Nathan Nathan VIC Posts: 148
25 16 Oct 2011
I say it's your party and if you really don't want meat being served, then you should'nt have to. I find it funny when omnivores say you should provide meat at your party, as if they're incapable of eating anything but. Omnivores can and do eat vegetables, so you are catering for them. You don't have to be veg to eat vegetarian meals.

I can't find the Sanitarium mince anywhere any more. I don't know where it's gone sad

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