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Egg Dilemma

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Chloe2 Chloe2 NSW Posts: 3
1 16 Oct 2011
Hi there,

I'm new here. Have been vegetarian for around seven years and have just made the decision to go vegan. This is very recent and I'm still making mistakes every now and then but I'm doing my best.
One thing I haven't been abloe to decide about is eggs. Were I eating eggs from the supermarket (even if they were labelled 'free range'), there would be no question. I'd cut them out.
But I guess I have a unique situation. My Mum owns three chooks who lay eggs. They are like pets, she doesn't eat chicken and has no intention of ever killing them. When one stopped laying, it just became a pet. They have a HUGE backyard to roam around and freely walk into their pen. Mum's careful about what she feeds them and they often get leftovers of her food.
Mum has always brought eggs to my place when she visits but now I don't know whether I should eat them or not.
If you were in this position, would you eat them?

Really just looking for others opinions on keeping companion chooks. Mum actually sort of inherited these chooks when she moved into the house and just decided to look after them!

Thank you.


Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
2 16 Oct 2011
hey, congratulations on making the decision to go vegan!
i know it was the best thing i ever did n.n

as for your dilemma, i personally would feel okay with eating the eggs.
you know where they come from so there's no cruelty involved

3 16 Oct 2011
As said above, congrats!
Does your mum have a shortage of people she could be giving these eggs to?
Personally, since I'm a vegan, if that were my situation I would prefer my mum gave the eggs she was giving to me to someone who would instead be purchasing them from a supermarket.

I mean, still there is not really much wrong with eating them, but at the end of the day I don't know if I could stomach a chooks menstrual waste!

MrDeepBlue MrDeepBlue WA Posts: 55
4 16 Oct 2011
Basically what MissM said. I gave up eating eggs about 5 years ago and while I have no ethical issue necessarily with happy, healthy home-kept chooks, I've reached the point now where I can't stand the thought of eating something that comes from an animal and is essentially animal matter. But ultimately what you need to be comfortable with is your own beliefs. People go vegan for lots of reasons and even the reasons can change as you progress through life. So congrats, good job and you've made one of the best decisions in your life! At least that's how it is for me. The day I gave up dairy (after giving up eggs about three years previously) absolutely changed my life. I can't believe now how long I lived as an ovo-lacto vegetarian. I'm so much happier and healthier now. Welcome.

rottweiler rottweiler SA Posts: 1907
5 16 Oct 2011
If i had chickens.. i think id eat the eggs... im slowly going off eggs, the smell grosses me out when they're cooked now (fried eggs) .. id love to have chickens, when i get my own place im going to - which wont be to far off hopefully lol, i dont think it makes you 'vegan' if you do eat them, but after all vegans just a label - who needs labels? your still cruelty free

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
6 16 Oct 2011
I don't see an issue with you eating the eggs. But, personally, I wouldn't call myself vegan if I ate them. And I don't like the thought of eating something that comes out of a chicken's... Well, you get the idea. wink

I like Miss Monster's suggestion, and this is what I would do if I had chooks, give them to someone who would otherwise buy their own eggs from the supermarket. Because even free range eggs are cruel.

tonijosephine tonijosephine VIC Posts: 80
7 16 Oct 2011
I asked the same question a while ago and caused a huge discussion. Have a read and see if it helps happy

Chloe2 Chloe2 NSW Posts: 3
8 16 Oct 2011
Big thank you to everyone for your opinions and thank you for pointing me in the direction of the other thread. I can't believe how many responses I got so quickly!

I think I will do what many of you suggested and give them to my friends who do eat eggs and would otherwise be buying them from the supermarket. I don't eat eggs that often as it is and I have a feeling already that the longer I go without dairy, the more turned off any animal products I will be. Plus, like you all say, it will be nice to know I've given friends the chance to eat eggs that come from good chooks who live a happy life and aren't fed hormones and chemicals. In fact, I'm already thinking of a good friends family full of teenage boys who would love them and love to save a bit of money buying their own eggs.