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Evolutionary Ignorance.

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Jordana. Jordana. QLD Posts: 45
1 24 Oct 2011
Sorry if this is the wrong section! happy

An ignorant person (who questioned my intelligence when I first became a vegan, consequently informing me that I was going to die in a few years because of my diet) shared this:

I find it amusing that omnivorous humans compare themselves to true carnivorous creatures like lions and wolves.
Just because a few of our many teeth have a sharp curve.
Usually these types of things don't stir me.
But I think I'm starting to believe I'm surrounded by spoon fed people.

We want to be different.
Yet, we look for similarities between 'us' and 'them'.
Some argue that because a few of our primate relatives eat meat, so can we.
Yet, it's okay if we use these relatives to undergo scientific testing?
If we're relating ourselves to them.
Then why are we happy enough to expose them to such cruelty?
Because they're not completely the same?

It's almost hypocritical.

Anyway, how do you feel about the subject of evolution of diet in humans?
Are you bummed that our caecum is now a vestigial structure?

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
2 24 Oct 2011
i think they are entirely hypocritical!
we are at the least omnivores, that picture proves nothing except that TWO teeth are slightly v shaped..
these ignorant people will use any excuse to defend their reasons for eating meat, and i know for a fact, i have heard them all.
"if i didn't eat them, something else would"
"our ancestors evolved by eating meat, it's good for you"
"you need to eat meat to get B12"

if these people are going to use ONE feature we have that is similar to a carnivorous animal, they still lose because all of our OTHER biological features point to the fact we were meant to eat vegies. this one little thing doesn't prove we are "meant" to eat meat?
these people are CHOOSING to be ignorant, they are choosing to believe these far fetched things because they know eating meat is wrong.
why else do they get so defensive? how can someone condone animal cruelty?

i think the fact our appendix is useless says nothing about what we are "meant" to eat, it was used to digest grass and leaves which we can all agree not many of us eat lol

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
3 24 Oct 2011
Well we have those teeth for chewing through small amounts of animal flesh.
Our ancestors were scavengers, which would have involved eating small amounts of raw meat when available. Though their diet mainly consisted of raw plant matter.
Then with the invention of tools and fire humans were able to consume larger proportions of meat because cooked meat is easier to digest as it contains less bacteria.

It really annoys me when omnivores try and start an argument about how humans are meant to eat meat. I didn't become vegetarian or vegan because I thought humans were herbivores lol, and I do acknowledge that as omnivores we can consume some meat.
But to me that's entirely irrelevant. If you have access to enough plant matter to live healthily without meat then why not do it? It's better for the environment, your body and of course the animals.

Jordana. Jordana. QLD Posts: 45
4 24 Oct 2011
I totally agree. I still believe even though we've evolved slightly as omnivores, our bodies still really do swing to the plant side of things. I'm a vegan for moral/health reasons.

I'm just over the ignorance. I find, especially with my friends, that they believe EVERYTHING they see on TV. They actually believe the happy cow frolicking in bright green fields type of ad. When I was new to vegetarianism/veganism, I quickly learned to keep my mouth shut about it (I loathe confrontation); even if I tried to explain it scientifically, it always comes to,
"I don't care, it tastes good."
(Some people I swear think through their tongues)
"Cows are bad for the environment, we're doing a favour to the Earth by eating them."
(Are they honestly that naive to believe that the livestock population became large without human intervention?)
"The purpose of cows is for us to eat them."
(this one is my favourite because I love the expression on their face when I tell them to go find a cow, and try to bite/claw it, and see what happens).

Haha, I wish I had a functioning caecum! I'm trying to make the transition from vegan, to raw foodist at the moment. Grass would have been handy if I ran out of salad essentials the day before grocery shopping day! happy

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
5 24 Oct 2011
Jordana said:
I'm just over the ignorance. I find, especially with my friends, that they believe EVERYTHING they see on TV.
if only they saw some episodes of "kill it, cook it, eat it" funny

i don't really like confronting omni's either, they get so defensive and it usually ends up in a personal conflict.
i'm trying to make the switch to raw vegan also, which should be easy now summer is coming up clap

Operator Operator QLD Posts: 58
6 24 Oct 2011
Every time I see that picture, I think about gorilla mouths ( who get most of their protein from bugs on their PLANT MATTER. Tee hee.

But seriously, this is usually part of the "therefore, eating meat is natural" argument. Which usually can be shut down pretty quickly by *ta daaaah* rational thinking:

Humans developed tools for the hunter/gatherer lifestyle, these practices TRADITIONALLY preyed on the oldest and weakest of the heard. Tell me, how that is relevant to eating VEAL? Male chicks from chicken nuggets? Why are we eating animals half way through their natural lifespan then? Docking tails, pulling their teeth, feeding them feces, taking away their young which many animals naturally bond with within minutes or hours... None of that seems natural to me. Even to digest meat, the hunters needed fire.

Gatherers could bring in protein from grains and nuts. Meat was a choice, not necessarily a necessity. Nowadays, it is more of a choice than ever as we CAN get even iron from fortified foods... Even tricky things like B12 can be consumed via a glass of effervescent berroca (which is vegan, yay!) or a supplement. If they're that concerned about doing something natural... I usually get a bit cheeky and tell them to... For censorships sake... Go do their "business" in the woods  tongue

Val Val NSW Posts: 339
7 25 Oct 2011
God...I hate confronting omnivores. I was at a BBQ the other day (we brought our veggies sausages!) And of course, they ask me questions about my veganism and everything they say is SO contradictory and hypocritical! A woman at the BBQ says its completely natural for us to eat animals YET says she would never kill an animal. Well, I thought it was natural? If its natural, then kill it and cook it yourself. I felt like quite the vegan freak that day.

It irritates me everday that most people I encounter everday would never kill a lamb for lamb chops yet continues to delude themselves. Such a harsh and horrible reality, drives me insane!

Just watching this interview with Ellen, made me feel less alone.