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I need help...

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Rainbow Fox Rainbow Fox QLD Posts: 91
1 26 Oct 2011
Hi all!

I haven't been on in a while but I need some help with a HUGE VEGAN FEAST!

My three year vegan anniversary is coming up this Saturday (yay!) and to celebrate I decided to invite around a few people for a VEGAN FEAST. What started off as a low key event has now ballooned to more than 20 people (meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike)!

I said I would provide all the food - because I didn't realise so many people would be coming along!
Anyone have some cheap recipes for delish food they could throw my way? I was thinking of burgers - but a lot of the store bought ones are so expensive...

Any hints would be really helpful!! love

lividlotus lividlotus NSW Posts: 301
2 26 Oct 2011
I've mentioned this in another thread, but food wraps are a pretty good option. Particularly if you can set up separate fillings in their own dishes and tortilla/lebanese-style bread to make a sort of burrito where the guests can choose which filling to include in their wraps.
So mostly what this would entail is you cutting up veggies and other fillings of choice with a variety of sauces and extras, plus this could be a good way for non-vegans to try out vegan foods/dishes and get them involved in making a vegan feast without too much work on your part!
Hope this helped in some way & congrats too!

MrDeepBlue MrDeepBlue WA Posts: 55
3 26 Oct 2011
Falafel is always good and cheap when using the powdered packs. As you say, vegie burgers are awesome (you don't make friends with salad, but you do with vegie burgers) and the Pappa Nuttall(?) ones are pretty delish and reasonably priced. Don't forget little savoury pasties and pastries too. Sanitarium sausages ground up with a bit of onion, tomato, parsley and tomato sauce make great vegan "sausage rolls". Vegetable pasties and curry puffs are also excellent finger foods and crowd favourites.

Rainbow Fox Rainbow Fox QLD Posts: 91
4 27 Oct 2011
I like the idea of a DIY feast happy I might try my hand at making some 'sausage rolls' too. I think I'm up to 25 people coming now! I better get organised!

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
5 27 Oct 2011
sounds fun! i thnk we all should do this on Vegan day happy

I would do - Chips - hot and packet ones,  Sausage rolls, as said above and yes Falafal and dips to go with.
Mini veg party pies, Cocktail spring rolls and chili dip, coconut couscous (cooked in coconut milk instead of water)

With a couple diff salads too ....YUM wink
desserts vegan cheesecake and choc muffins., oreos :p

Operator Operator QLD Posts: 58
6 27 Oct 2011
Maybe try some vegan "piggy in a blanket"s? Get a vegan hotdog (Fry's vegetarian original hotdogs are my fave. They're also vegan and taste like hotdogs and can be found in the frozen section in most supermarkets in a green box.) cut it into thirds, wrap them in puff pastry... Tadaaa!

Also, you could maybe try vegan samosas? They're good finger food.

VeganEra VeganEra QLD Posts: 202
7 27 Oct 2011
Hey Rainbow Fox,

Good on you...WUHU! I am sure they are all going to have a ball.
We have a free Vegan cook book, might have some ideas for you

Enjoy your beautiful anniversary!

8 27 Oct 2011
Does it have to be finger food??

If you are having a party solely for the purpose of enjoying vegan food, I would suggest a 'pot luck' style banquet, only you make all the dishes instead of people bringing one each.
That way you could just have some plates and people can enjoy a variety of delicious foods.

ie: pizza, salads, curriy, mac n cheese, quiche, lasagne......


Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
9 27 Oct 2011
If I got to a Vegan Feast all I want to see is Soyicecream, see if you can get sponsored LOL

OR ask zenhouse how they make their home made icecreamy delights...

P.s Mooncakes would be a bonus...

everyone can eat healthy when they get home... stuff those bastards full of icecream and send them on their way is what I say....

haha jokes.

Either... make it simply delicious and easy to buy, or just little cooking ideas the people who come will gain from.

Add avocado to salad or apple, or .... add cranberries to normal rice cooked with a little bit of olive oil.

If you aren't gaining ideas from the food, then leave it out of the buffet.

Yarg, anyway that is maybe something I might think.


Carrot sorbet from that coffee place, homg is nice.