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Its Xmas time......

and needed to know

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Val Val NSW Posts: 339
1 26 Oct 2011
Are candy canes vegan!? What the heck would not be vegan in them?

Although, almost nothing suprises me anymore at this point.

Operator Operator QLD Posts: 58
2 26 Oct 2011
It would depend on the company. Keep a lookout for Color 120 (Also listed as E120) - This is a red food dye made from crushed up cochineal beetles!   scared

Val Val NSW Posts: 339
3 26 Oct 2011
Ah yes I had heard of this! Crazy :S thanks!

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
4 26 Oct 2011
They seem like they would be vegan except for the red food colouring might be from beetles (as mentioned above).

If so then you could always try buying green striped candy canes tongue

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
5 26 Oct 2011
I love candy canes, they're one of my favorite things about Christmas. I know the cruelty free shop is selling candy canes, so if you can't find any in local stores that are 120 free, the cruelty free shop is always an option.

MrDeepBlue MrDeepBlue WA Posts: 55
6 26 Oct 2011
Just thought I'd point out just as an FYI, that the cochineal isn't actually a beetle, it's a type of scale insect. Also as an FYI, watch out for products purported to be vegan - such as Freedom Foods Norganic Apple and Blueberry Muesli Bars - that actually contain 120. One person's "vegan" is not always another's it seems. Although to be fair to Freedom, they have changed their recipe recently and so the info on their website (no 120) simply might not have been updated to match the products in store (120).

Val Val NSW Posts: 339
7 26 Oct 2011
Cool, need to remember the 120 number!