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New to the vegan lifestyle.

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Tourniquet Tourniquet VIC Posts: 24
1 3 Nov 2011
Hi, I recently made the switch from vegetarian to vegan and the more I've read about the vegan lifestyle and the more I've poked around and found out about the sort of things that happen to produce milk, eggs's solidified my decision. I want to do this. I need to do this. I WILL do this.

Does anyone have any books, websites etc. to help guide me along my path? Any help would be good.

So far I've read Vegan Freak and am currently reading through 'The 30 day vegan Challenge' and it's full of helpful tips on substitutes for milk (I already drink soy) dairy, eggs and meat.

Is there some sort of handbook I can suss out that can help me in supermarkets if I need to go? I live in Melbourne so I will hit up the Radical Grocery Store, but if anyone has any advice I would love you forever.


xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
2 3 Nov 2011
go you!

umm it was actually really easy for me going from Vegetarian to vegan.... first i switched to soy milk, then stopped buying eggs, then cheese.

There are just SOOOOO many alternatives out there I often dont search for vegan recipes but rather just substitute things!

My fave vegan things are: So Good soymilk & ice cream, sweet williams chocolate and LEDA 'choculence' (tim tam copycat), and Sanitarium Vegie Delights Sausages happy (ALL OF WHICH I just get from my local COLES )

Heres a handy link, it lists all hidden ingredients in things . handy for grocery shopping to know what all those 'e numbers' mean:

That website ^^^ check out the diff info it has ....... tonnes of info, recipes, tips, where to buy things etc

p.s I always keep a box of 'Orgran NO egg' (egg replacer) in the cupboard for cooking

Ashurii Ashurii SA Posts: 27
3 3 Nov 2011

Both awesome food blogs with some amazing vegan recipes (although the top one does cater for veggies too).  happy

Tourniquet Tourniquet VIC Posts: 24
4 3 Nov 2011
Thank you all for these helpful replies.

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl TAS Posts: 754
5 3 Nov 2011
Hey go to my website I think you'll find my easy to navigate list of animal derived ingredients a lifesaver while shopping!

VeganEra VeganEra QLD Posts: 202
6 3 Nov 2011
Oh YAY!!! Congratulations! I am sure that you are loving your new transistion.
Feel free to stop by Vegan Era -

We have loads of free e-books in the resource section - even a Vegan Cook Book for doggies. As well, we have a free Vegan Cook Book.


Nobody Nobody QLD Posts: 593
7 3 Nov 2011
Congrats for becoming vegan!
I recommend the book 'The Complete Idiot's Guide To Vegan Living'. I borrowed it from my local library when I was making the transition to veganism. It's a good read.

Unleashed has a shopping guide, if you haven't seen it:

A little guide for veganising recipes:
I usually use 'No Egg' or ground linseeds/flax seeds to replace eggs.

Here's a free vegan starter pack:

And finally, a healthy dose of vegan cooking sites and blogs:

Hope that helps. happy

lividlotus lividlotus NSW Posts: 301
8 3 Nov 2011
Just a few things I'd love to add as well happy

I recently got my hands on the new 'Living Vegan' magazine ( that's got a handy 'cheat sheet' with goodies you can purchase at your local supermarket. It's available through the Uproar Shop (

I also stumbled across another site that lists a huge list of ingredients and e-numbers, plus it highlights which are animal ingredients, vegan ingredients and ingredients that exist in both animal and vegan versions.
You might want to take a quick look at ( as they have a nice list of veg recipes, but be aware that not all are vegan! Though the microwave chocolate cake is a nice vegan treat love

As for books, "Beyond Animal Rights" by Tony Milligan has been a good read for me.

Tourniquet Tourniquet VIC Posts: 24
9 3 Nov 2011
You guys are so helpful, thank you so much!