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Mokeys slaughtered to create the polio vaccine

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willzee willzee NSW Posts: 9
1 4 Nov 2011
After my two year old son suffered a servere seizure as a result of the chicken pox vaccination, I decided to do some research on how these vaccines are created and what side effects are possible that the doctors don't inform us of... I have found numerous articles stating that the polio vaccine given to infants at 2-4-6 months is contaminated with many monkey viruses due to the fact that since the early 1950s they have been growing the virus in extracted kidneys and testicles of tens of thousands of Indian, S.E. Asian, and African wild-caught monkeys even while knowing that they were full of monkey viruses. Since then, many tens of thousands of monkeys have been trapped in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, transported, anesthetised, operated on to remove their organs and then ‘sacrificed' (the vaccine industry's euphemism for ‘killed'). Their kidneys and testicles are then mashed to make a ‘substrate' from which can be produced the needed virus.  There are so many terrible stories to be told that are linked with ALL these childhood vaccines, so all I ask is for you to do some real research so you are fully informed before vaccinating your children...
Much Luv

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
2 4 Nov 2011
It is kinda like Ancient sacrafice, like Inca and Aztec... but in our society... it quells the hunger of a moraless god of modern science.

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
3 4 Nov 2011
thankyou..........that makes me sick :/

Nobody Nobody QLD Posts: 593
4 4 Nov 2011
I've researched vaccines and read terrible things about them, but I didn't know about that part of it.

I only discovered the dangers of vaccines long after I had my children vaccinated. I really should've researched it years ago, but like many others, I just trusted the system.

willzee willzee NSW Posts: 9
5 4 Nov 2011
Unfortunately the doctors don't disclose the facts to us because with every vaccination there is a profit to them, I also feel the same as my four year old daughter is fully vaccinated, but my three month old will not be vaccinated at all, I am currently disputing with my GP over the fact that immunisation is not compulsory in australia yet they will threaten to call docs and say that it is neglect on my part... how is that?? I will do everything to protect my seed, my son has already become a statistic and there is no way I will allow it to happen to my youngest daughter. I also found an australian article written by the AVN (Australian Vaccination Network) stating "Some vaccines are cultured on
aborted human foetal tissue (MMR,Chicken Pox, Injected Polio, etc.). Heres the web address

Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
6 4 Nov 2011
For a long time I've wondered about the ethics of the creation of vaccines, and I've been highly suspicious of their origins. What really gets me riled up is the false dichotomies parents are given  when faced with the opinions of the medical professions. The way the issue is portrayed leaves people with little choice, because they're led to believe that if they don't use these products, then they're axiomatically bad parents.


Or... Option 2: don't have kids! Get heaps of animals instead. They're way better, you'll never have to pay for school camps, they won't bring boyfriends or girlfriends home, and they don't back chat. Situation rectified!

Nobody Nobody QLD Posts: 593
7 4 Nov 2011
Amanda3Wills said:
my three month old will not be vaccinated at all, I am currently disputing with my GP over the fact that immunisation is not compulsory in australia yet they will threaten to call docs and say that it is neglect on my part... how is that??
A friend of mine apparently had the same problem. Her children (now young adults) were not vaccinated and she told me how terrible the doctors were to her. It's ridiculous. No parent should be abused for making this choice.

willzee willzee NSW Posts: 9
8 4 Nov 2011
What is the world coming to when they try to take away a mothers God given right to make informed decisions for the wellbeing of her own children  sad

PurpleFae PurpleFae NSW Posts: 283
9 4 Nov 2011
Can you provide links to these articles?

Anti-vaccination websites and promoters take advantage of parents' fear and spit out lies and misinformation.

I'm not saying the medical science is getting it right 100% all the time but that's the beauty of science: if something is shown to be incorrect by evidence, science embraces that they failed before and works with the new data.

The scientific method is more stable than those emotive theories (oh! vaccines are used to microchip us, poison us etc etc).

Yes - learn about vaccination, question your GP etc but apply some proper skepticism based on evidence and reason, not an emotive responses.

Here's a good link that gives a basic run down on ingredients in vaccines:

We have enough evidence to show the benefits outweigh the risks when it comes to vaccine use.

Then you may say to me, but my choice! Well, we all have freedom in Australia *until it harms others*. Freedom of speech and behaviour boundaries are when you hurt others.

All those that can be vaccinated, should be for our communities safety. We need high vaccination rates to allow herd immunity to work, in turn will protect those that cannot be vaccinated (infants, immunocompromised, cancer suffers etc).

This is a matter of public health - not just your own or your family.

willzee willzee NSW Posts: 9
10 4 Nov 2011

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