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anyone with Pakistan experience?

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tarkine tarkine Iran Posts: 296
1 5 Nov 2011
Hey all, it's been a while since I was on the forum, sorry - missed you all! I'm moving to Pakistan for work (Islamabad), has anyone ever been? Any thoughts on how to cope as a vegan? I'm guessing there'll be ghee (clarified butter) in just about everything... but at least they don't eat pigs over there.

Gracie Maree Gracie Maree NSW Posts: 88
2 5 Nov 2011
I have never been to Pakistan unfortunatly! But from my experience with Pakistan resaurants, they usually have a pretty wide range of vegetarian options which can be made vegan if you take out the cheese! Which is more than most restaurants!
So I guess Pakistan is pretty vegan friendly =)
I hope so anyway! Good luck for the move =)
Sorry I can't be any more informative  ashamed

tarkine tarkine Iran Posts: 296
3 6 Nov 2011
Thanks Gracie, reckon I'll just have to wait & see what I find when I get there. Islamabad has a pretty big expat community, full of diplomats and UN folks, so I'm guessing there'll be plenty of options  wink