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VEGAN SURVEY - Let me know if you can complete it for my research

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SammyGee95 SammyGee95 VIC Posts: 10
1 8 Nov 2011
I am doing a survey on vegetarians and vegans, and i need at least 50 people. I would really appreciate your help and support!

here is the survey. If you could email me your answers to  
or just post them here if you are unable to email them. Thanks guys happy

where there are multiple choice questions just delete all options other than your own.

Are you vegetarian or vegan?                Vegetarian / vegan

How long have you been so?                Less than a year
                                               1-4 years
                                               5-9 years
                                               more than 10 years

What is your main reason for being
vegetarian/vegan?                                - Animal cruelty needs to stop!
                                               - Don’t like the idea/taste
                                               - Dietary requirements
                                               - Religious or family beliefs

Do you feel that your health is
compromised because of your diet?        Yes / No

If no, do you feel you are more healthy
Because of your diet?                        Yes / No

Have you ever knowingly ‘cheated’
your diet?                                        - Never
                                               - A few times
                                               - More than ten times
- I choose when I want to be   vegan/vegetarian and when I don’t

What, If any, is your favourite vegan

Will you eat from a hot plate or
Barbecue that has been in contact
With meat?                                        Yes / No

Which would you prefer:                        - Tofu
                                               - Tempeh
                                               - Couscous
                                               - Lentil burgers

Do you take dietary supplements?                Yes / No


What are your favourite vegan websites/ blogs:

What are your top three vegan meals:

Scuba-addict Scuba-addict United Kingdom Posts: 107
2 8 Nov 2011
Shove it on here. I'm sure people will fill it out happy

LauraK LauraK VIC Posts: 77
3 8 Nov 2011
sure thing (:

Tiah Tiah SA Posts: 45
4 8 Nov 2011
I'll do it happy

SammyGee95 SammyGee95 VIC Posts: 10
5 8 Nov 2011
Thanks guys, I'll post it up here soon!! I really appreciate as much support as I can get with it!!

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
6 8 Nov 2011
i'll do it! happy

SammyGee95 SammyGee95 VIC Posts: 10
7 8 Nov 2011
Hey guys, just put the questions up there! Thanks for your support

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
8 8 Nov 2011
You may want to change the answers for "Have you ever knowingly ‘cheated’
your diet?" to include a 'No' option happy

Cow Hugger Cow Hugger SA Posts: 346
9 8 Nov 2011
donnnneeee n.n

Nobody Nobody QLD Posts: 593
10 8 Nov 2011
DONE! Hope I sent it right. I'm terrible with emails.

With the question "What is your main reason for being
You could also add, 'to help the environment' as one of the answers. happy

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