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has anyone perfected falafel making?

my falafel is too moist!!

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willzee willzee NSW Posts: 9
1 9 Nov 2011
Just wondering if anyone has any tips on getting the texture for falafel right? I make it from scratch, i soak a cup of chickpeas overnite, then i pulse them in the food processor to tiny pieces, then i add cumin, parsley, corriander, minced onion and garlic and a couple of tablespoons of flour, i combine it all then leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours. The texture seems fine when i ball it up but after frying it, its still quite moist inside. Anyone got any ideas what i'm doing wrong? confused

Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
2 9 Nov 2011
How hot is your oil?

3 9 Nov 2011
Easiest way to get a varied texture is to use chickpeas which have been soaked for varying amounts of time. (ie some overnight, some for 8 hours etc.)

Once cooked, I also never blitz them a processor, just lightly mash them so it's still quite chunky, but will hold together.

And, as glen suggested, make sure the oil you're using is super hot.
Everything else you're doing appears to be fine. Good luck!

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
4 9 Nov 2011
I use this recipe and the taste and texture is perfect!

Maybe you were using regular flour instead of besan (chickpea) flour? It really influences the flavour.

And yes definitely make sure the oil is hot before you start cooking them.

S_Rocks S_Rocks VIC Posts: 61
5 9 Nov 2011
I use sunflower seeds for mine becasue I'm deathly allergic to chick peas, so it's probably a different consistency, but I find I have to bake mine to get it to work out right. Whever I try to fry it, it falls apart. But I don't complain about baking it because it's lower in fat anyway!

willzee willzee NSW Posts: 9
6 10 Nov 2011
I know its bad but i use a deep fryer and its always set on the highest temperatue, i find that if i dont move it in the fryer for the first minute the mixture wont fall apart. Im thinking it might be because i make it with a jumbo onion maybe? I will definately keep trying tho. happy

Glen Glen VIC Posts: 337
7 10 Nov 2011
If there's a thermostat on your deep fryer, it shouldn't be more than 180 degrees. If not, cooking thermometers are fairly inexpensive from places like House.