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Eating Veg for Spiritual Reasons

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Mel Mel NSW Posts: 289
1 10 May 2009
Hey everyone!

Just interested to know if there's anyone else out there who follows a veg diet as a spiritual path?
I find eating a cruelty free diet very purifying in this area of my life. I see myself as Buddhist and follow the teachings of Happy Science. (Ask me if you want to know more)
I think my mind is clearer and I can meditate at ease.

gaytee. gaytee. NSW Posts: 40
2 10 May 2009
I don't not eat meat for a specific belief, as i'm agnostic. but i do feel largely clarified since giving it up meat and really at peace with everything. really weird, huh.  i think its pretty much the best thing ive ever done because not only am i at ease in knowing im not supporting the death of animals but i feel really healthy and just happy in general!
im actually really interested in happy science! ive never heard of it before, what is it?

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
3 10 May 2009
I too follow a Buddhist path, this is what led me to becoming a veg*n 7mths ago.

I feel I can now look into the eyes of any animal (more so a cow or pig) and feel happy that it won't be because of me that the animal will have it's life ended. It also makes me feel very sad that I can't do more for them than I already do.

This Happy Science is something new to me... I have just googled it and found my evenings reading!
Thx Mel!  peace

Mel Mel NSW Posts: 289
4 11 May 2009
I'm glad you have felt so great after becoming veg.
Happy Science is a group that spreads teachings based mostly on Buddhism. Their main purpose is to create a utopia on earth by teaching people how to be happy and how to make others happy.
They have a website also ( and their main base is in Japan.
The founder, Ryuho Okawa, has written over 500 books on various topics explaining how to get through adversities, understand purposes for being here, etc.
Just let me know if you have any questions!