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Are you a vegan in Perth?

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Leo_dramaqueen Leo_dramaqueen Angola Posts: 11
1 5 Oct 2009
Hey wave

Animal Rights Advocates (based in Perth) is currently working on creating a Guide to Being Vegan in Perth. The purpose of this Guide will be to help people go vegan and stay vegan whilst living in Perth. The Guide to Being Vegan in Perth will probably include information on where to eat, shop, socialise and be involved in activism. It will also contain a small section with tips to being vegan and a list of animal ingredients.

We have created a survey which you can fill out to assist us in writing the guide. The more responses we get, the more comprehensive the guide will be clap

The survey contains 10 questions and will take approximately 5 minutes. The survey will close on the 14th November. Please forward this link on to any vegans you know who live in Perth, Australia.



PS - We have a facebook group here

advoc8 advoc8 SA Posts: 179
2 6 Oct 2009
So jealous ... wanna moo-ve to Perth now!


RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
3 6 Oct 2009
advoc8 said:
So jealous ... wanna moo-ve to Perth now!

Wow someone who wants to move here?! hehehehe. We are awesome happy

d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond WA Posts: 342
4 6 Oct 2009
Perth rocks the house down  dance

I'm not allowed to be vegan. Its 'Nucking Futs' >.>

But its life and Life is, um (lost for words) Life?

I feel random >.>
I'm doing the surbey any who  happy


Lea Lea WA Posts: 82
5 6 Oct 2009
Yup i'm not allowed to go  vegan either...but i'll see if i can complete the survey. GO perth!

Mikey Mikey NSW Posts: 104
6 6 Oct 2009
I'll do the survey tonight happy Also check out

I have created an Australia wide vegan food resource that is growing all the time! It just needs more vegan recipes -  so if anyone has recipes with pics... please feel free to submit them ecstatic

Leo_dramaqueen Leo_dramaqueen Angola Posts: 11
7 7 Oct 2009
Lea and Julezz - what do you mean "you're not allowed" to be vegan? Is it cause of your parents? Btw sorry if this is too personal, just don't answer happy