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'Green' Christmas

limiting excess during the holidays

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S_Rocks S_Rocks VIC Posts: 61
1 23 Nov 2011
So, while trawling Groupon I came upon this: and thought hmmmm good idea. Then I got to thinking, Christmas often IS a pretty wasteful holiday. Lights up energy consumption, people use real trees a lot, wrapping paper gets used and thrown out, food gets made to an excess and sometimes not eaten.....etc.

What are ways you reduce waste during the holidays? Assuming you celebrate of course.

Mine are:

-I often reuse wrapping paper....maybe it's the German side of me but my German family always opened gifts without wrapping paper, and I can't bring myself to rip it. When I was growing up my mom also made Christmas gift bags out of fabric and we reused them every year. We even went in with my aunt and uncle and shared the bags between my dad's side of the family, so no paper was wasted for any gifts on that side. My Oma on my mom's side always did something similar as well. I try to give gifts in things that people can reuse, like cloth gift bags or baskets.
-When I ate meat, I always made the most of it....I never did individual cutlets, but bought a whole bird to roast, made sure I ate all leftovers, and even used it for soup and stuff. So NOTHING was wasted. If I couldn't eat it, I froze it and ate it later.
-I still freeze any leftovers I can't eat.
-I love having a tree, but I don't use a real tree. Even when I was back in Canada, where most people think fake trees are some sort of crime against Christmas or something (probably because it's the right climate for those trees and there are a gajillion farms around and a gajillion trees everywhere as well). I don't use any disposable decorations like tinsel.
-I don't use lights, but the idea of solar powered LED lights does appeal....especially here where the sun actually shines this time of year (where I grew up you're lucky if you even see the sun in December).
-I make bows and gift tags and stuff from recycled materials. Christmas cards from the year before work great!


Aimee Aimee VIC Posts: 957
2 23 Nov 2011
I keep magazines in a cupboard and use the pages which contain red green or white to wrap presents. If that fails I just use ones with a cool pattern.

This isn't really green but I only by Xmas cards from charities (usually Animals Australia and Edgar's Mission) so that the money isn't just going on that item, but helping animals too.

S_Rocks S_Rocks VIC Posts: 61
3 23 Nov 2011
I think it's a good idea....I always make my own but if I were to buy any charities would be the way to go!

Deespark Deespark QLD Posts: 328
4 23 Nov 2011
I like using old newspaper as gift wrap. Not sure if my family likes it, but pfft, I think it looks kind of cool and they are only going to rip it up anyway. I also keep any bags I get to reuse for other peoples presents.

lividlotus lividlotus NSW Posts: 301
5 23 Nov 2011
I'm always re-using gift bags I get, or like others have mentioned, re-using pages or newspaper as wrapping and extra decoration as bows and strings. I have a lot of spare cloth material, so I often use that as well to wrap/decorate.
Freezing leftovers is something my family has always done ever since I can remember, and we do that on a regular basis where my mum cooks a lot but that's so she doesn't need to keep cooking everyday, so leftovers are always expected in that sense.

Definitely if you're planning to buy something 'new', to buy from charities or organisations that will use that money to fund into something positive like animal welfare or human resources and such. I realise it's very tempting to go out and buy the latest flashy item, but maybe consider making things instead as it shows more personal touch and consideration, and it can be another way to reuse things too happy

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
6 24 Nov 2011
this shall be easy happy I dont have a tree, lights, family, presents or money so my Xmas will be VERY green .

Miss. Jones Miss. Jones VIC Posts: 242
7 30 Nov 2011
Oh thanks for sharing ladies.  YAY..... finally human awakening..... HUGS X0X0

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
8 30 Nov 2011
I thought getting sustainably grown trees was more green than buying a plastic one, The plastic one will last longer but they generally aren't biodegradable.

My family is christian and so they don't really celebrate it, but when I move out i plan on having a small pine tree in a pot that i can decorate.

I generally re use the xmas wrapping paper throughout the year for other things like ebay and birthdays.

I really want to wrap a few presents in cool teatowels or op shopped scarves

Beemo Beemo United States Posts: 1259
9 30 Nov 2011
We're growing a pine tree in a pot plant but it's not big enough yet for this year. Hopefully by next year it will be happy

Dad loves putting a few Christmas lights on the front of the house so last year I bought him some solar lights which surprisingly work nearly as good as the electric ones. Plus you can put the solar  lights anywhere in the yard and you don't have to worry about extension cables or anything.

I want to try dying newspaper to wrap the presents in this year. It should be fun happy

Lars Lars NSW Posts: 825
10 30 Nov 2011
potato printing recycled brown paper looks cool too!

so does this:

and this is how I invision my future chrissy tree :

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