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Your pets name?

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leticia-porth leticia-porth NSW Posts: 151
1 24 Nov 2011
If you're lucky enough to have a animal friend living with you
whats his or her name and why?

Deespark Deespark QLD Posts: 328
2 24 Nov 2011
My oldest dog is named Deedee, which was her name at the shelter and it fit her well.
My younger dog is Sparky. Mum named him, because He had sparkly eyes and she had a username somewhere similar to sparky (he started off as her dog).
My guinea pig Nibbles was named that because as a younger little chao, ue used to nibble on things a lot. And my other guinea pig is name Winmar. Apparently it is a name of a footy player from my dads fav. Footy team. The footy player is black, my guinea pig is white, so they thought it would be funny.
The chickens don't really have names, though there is one I like to think of as 'chickpea'

wynterwolfe wynterwolfe SA Posts: 27
3 24 Nov 2011
I have 2 cats. Their names are Nico and Chico.

Nico was named after the singer because of the album 'the Velvet Underground and Nico.'

Chico already had her name when I adopted her, so it's just a coincidence that their names rhyme!

PurpleFae PurpleFae NSW Posts: 283
4 24 Nov 2011
My budgie's name is Pez (as in the candy - use to be addicted to it as a kid).

He doesn't live with me anymore. Left him with my parents when I moved out as I don't have the space and time to keep him company. sad

weaselbritches weaselbritches WA Posts: 36
5 24 Nov 2011
That's Monty in my avatar.  I was looking for a puppy and decided it would be a good name for a dog.  When I adopted her from the pound, it seemed to fit.  Unfortunately because she's a big boofhead and has a boy's name everyone assumes she's a boy, pink collar and all.  The gender confusion does not seem to bother her.

My cat's name is Monkey.  He started off as Militia Aloysius, but kept on getting called a cheeky little monkey and it stuck.

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
6 24 Nov 2011
My little chihuahua x (in my Display Pic too) is Ty.. I took him in when a client had to rehome him. Not sure on her reasonings for the name but I like it. A little name for a little dog. happy

..1 ..1 TAS Posts: 2265
7 24 Nov 2011
My two cats are Chilli and Mae. Mum named Mae because she liked that name, and Chilli's breeder named him Chilli Pepper as a kitten, I really liked it so I just kept it as Chilli.

Our dogs are Tessie and Mister Fox. Tessie was going to be renamed, but she had already had 3 names by the time we got her, so we decided to keep her name. Mister Fox was a nickname, because he looks a bit like a fox. We stuck with the name Mister Fox, but call him Foxie. His old owners called him Ralph, there's no way we could keep that name... My sister also just got a dog named Meeka, but I don't know why she chose that name...

Our guinea pigs are Gus, Bernie and Cheezel. Gus, because it just suits him, Bernie, because somehow, at the time, he reminded us of Bernie Fraiser, and Cheezel because he's a blonde colour, like a cheezel.

George the sheep got his name after my grandfather, I think. And I named our other sheep Clover because I thought it was a pretty named that suited her well.

The rabbits are Henry and Aleu. They belong to my sisters. Henry got his name because he was a boy, and it suited him, and Aleu got her name because my sister heard the name on a cartoon (I think) and liked it.

I think that's everyone!

the_ether the_ether QLD Posts: 35
8 24 Nov 2011
I am privileged to share my house with a little black kitty by the name of Puzzler happy

We adopted him from a no-kill rescue organisation, and the name suited him so well that we never changed it. He loves to investigate things (I'm truly glad he was raised as, and remains, an inside cat - I'm pretty sure he'd be an insanely good hunter).

AllyCat AllyCat SA Posts: 497
9 24 Nov 2011
My oldest dog is called Nuppett, because I loved the name happy

And my puppy is Scruffy, I called her that because she is so scrufffyyy!!

cassie1 cassie1 VIC Posts: 26
10 24 Nov 2011
Our pointer cross is named gypsy cos it was only name she respond to and cos she had ran away therefore gypsy

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