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Abattoir shut & Saleyard investigated

action is what i like to see!

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xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
1 26 Nov 2011
From the Herald Sun:

"A GIPPSLAND abattoir has been shut by state authorities following a shocking video of alleged animal cruelty."

Adelaide Now
"Saleyard cruelty on farm animals"

Spacepeanut Spacepeanut QLD Posts: 120
2 27 Nov 2011
And people say that this stuff doesn't happen in Australia... I'm  stoked these bastards have been caught out!

bernie1 bernie1 VIC Posts: 2
3 28 Nov 2011
i was impressed to see animals australia was behind this,i was starting to wonder what my monthly donation was doing.

bernie1 bernie1 VIC Posts: 2
4 28 Nov 2011
id like to see animals australia become more involved in the saleyards,the cruelty starts right here in australia before the animals leave our shores so lets clean up our own backyard first.

PokemonFan1 PokemonFan1 VIC Posts: 15
5 29 Nov 2011
I just saw this news story on the ABC news. The farmers are of course, bitching about this move. They interviewed one of them and said "what will happen to the humans out of this will be just as cruel as the pigs".

Yes, you heard right, this farmer said that! Like losing a few thousand dollars is worse than getting your eyes prod, beaten up slowly with a sledgehammer and incorrectly getting your throat cut! BAWWWW to these f**king farmers, they're not living in a 3rd world country and are still better off than a lot of people. Seems like this farmer was just upset they couldn't go to expensive restaurants or make a lagoon pool any more...