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Glue traps

Why are these even legal?

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AllyCat AllyCat SA Posts: 497
11 1 Dec 2011
PokemonFan1 said:
AllyCat said:
What are glue traps ? ? ? :/

Only the most inhumane animal trap in existence, which for some reason is still legal here.
Thanks for sharing those websites happy

OMG they are so cruel! what the hell!! Can't believe they are still legal.

Ferret Ferret NSW Posts: 203
12 2 Dec 2011
Glue traps are the most inhumane trap there is!

The poor critters get attached to the glue & they send themselves into shock due to the stress - this can lead to breaking limbs, having heart attacks or simply starving to death..

Then when the job is done, the poor critter is thrown away in the bin like garbage.. I have no idea how these are legal! T ^ T

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