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Kosher and Halal

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Lotus Eater Lotus Eater QLD Posts: 60
1 29 Nov 2011
I recently noticed that my favourite brand of tea, carefully hidden, had a kosher symbol on it. Now I realize that tea is just leaves and no animals, I presume, were harmed, but I just find the symbol very annoying. This happens quite a lot to me; I'm hesitant eating vegan products if they have kosher or halal symbols on them. Does anyone else have this problem?

Michelle 2.0 Michelle 2.0 QLD Posts: 42
2 30 Nov 2011
The concept of Kosher (not sure about Halal) extends itself to more than just animal products It can refer to the machinery that the tea is manufactured on, or the paying of a 'tithe' which is a religious tax on said product etc. A rudimentary Google search will tell you this, so I suggest you have a look for yourself before making any assumptions.

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
3 30 Nov 2011
Why does it annoy you? It's not so different to the vegetarian or vegan approved symbol... It just means it has been approved for a certain group of people..?

Miss. Jones Miss. Jones VIC Posts: 242
4 30 Nov 2011
I think Lotus is just trying to identify whether or not there should be concern raised as general knowledge would presume that Kosher and Halal are generally meat related.
Lotus, Not to worry too much if it is a non-animal based product such as tea.  Perhaps just google Kosher and Halal so you have a better understanding of the two.  Ha!ha!  It annoys me because it is religious based and vegetarianism and Veganism doesn't have that status .... wonder if they make tea with Catholic symbols or Anglican symbols ha!ha! wink


Lotus Eater Lotus Eater QLD Posts: 60
5 30 Nov 2011
Thanks for clarifying it guys! I don't know, just because kosher usually relates to the method an animal was slaughtered it just unnerves me slightly.