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Vegan travelling

Have you done it? How would you go about it?

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Jaq Jaq VIC Posts: 23
1 30 Nov 2011
I'd really love to travel in the near future, I want to go pretty much everywhere I can at some point.

I'm wondering how other people have tackled being vegan in a country where you don't speak the language? I know it can definitely be done, but it must be quite hard!
Especially if you're travelling rough, like back packing etc, not flitting between five star resorts.

I'm interested in personal anecdotes, have you done it? How did you go about it? Any tips for future travelers? and if you haven't before, do you plan to?

LittleGlider LittleGlider SA Posts: 24
3 1 Dec 2011
It certainly is a daunting thought... but travelling is so great, there have to be ways around it! A recently vegan friend is travelling by motorcycle in South America at the moment, and this is his first trip as a vegan. He has done many similar before but as a vegetarian. His tactic is to ensure that you have a backup - enter 1 X jar of marmite - for the times when it is tricky to find something vegan. His new favourite snack is a marmite bread roll.

I have travelled to many countries as a vegetarian and, although it may mean that your meals are a little more effort than everyone elses, it is always worth while. I too am hoping to travel again soon, as a vegan, and think that I will tackle it by: looking into the food available at my destination before I go, in order to work out a possible staple meal; stashing away a few jars of promite (I just don't share my friend's love for marmite, bleaugh!) and maybe some noodles; and, hopefully cooking up some local produce while I am travelling.

xAshlee xAshlee TAS Posts: 722
4 1 Dec 2011
i think id find it pretty easy - just not as convenient ! Theres always going to be fruit & veg and in most places bread. Things like this.

A few months ago I travelled to this little historic town basically old churches, farms and bakerys, So i took my own sandwiches happy haha. The only other 'vegan' thing in the town was probably chips at the little store (most likely cooked with the chicken etc.

TheSixthStitch TheSixthStitch Aruba Posts: 988
5 1 Dec 2011
The UK is a /dream/ for veg*ns. Huge community and lots of goodies (incl. Alpro!). Plus, there are castles. CASTLES  pirate (imagine the pirate is a knight)

Alyssa Alyssa VIC Posts: 296
6 2 Dec 2011
I've only been to Nepal, so I am not sure how much help my experience is....
But anyway, in Nepal there was an abundance of yummy vegie food and most of it was vegan too. The language barrier wasn't a big deal either because almost everyone spoke English. English is compulsory in Nepal and they take learning the language seriously (or as seriously as they can with lack of funding etc) and so most people in tourist spots speak it quite well, as do the children. My friend traveled to Vietnam and Thailand and she said it was the same there too.
I would say for South and South-East Asian countries vegan food wouldn't be too hard to come by.
And I'm told in western places like the UK and America they have so much more amazing vegan food than we do!
When you do eventually go, keep us updated and have heaps of fun happy
I want to do a big trip traveling soon too. I just need to save the money haha

ok ok NSW Posts: 232
7 2 Dec 2011
Ske for me I was just in Bali and it was super easy happy

Jaq Jaq VIC Posts: 23
8 2 Dec 2011
That sounds excellent happy
Travelling's the dream, only money manages to keep holding us back!

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
9 3 Dec 2011
May-Z said:
Ske for me I was just in Bali and it was super easy happy
May, I'm going to Bali in April and was wondering how I'd find finding veg food! I was thinking of staying in places with a kitchenette but looking at resorts because it's nicer so may do that instead. A lot offer breakfast which seems good.

Where did you eat? Do you reccommend any yummy veg eateries? Do you know if it's safe to eat fruit/ veges /salad from cafes, hotels etc?

charlotte.g charlotte.g VIC Posts: 49
10 6 Dec 2011
I went to japan earlier in the year, it was great soo many vegan options! I dont speak any Japanese and a friend of mine told me a lot of staff at restaurants dont speak much english so i had a friend write me a little letter saying that i was a vegan therefore didnt eat any dairy, meat, fish, eggs etc so the staff were able to show it to the chef on mot occasions and i had no troubles!

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