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Are you a writer?

The Voiceless Writing Prize sponsored by Australian Ethical Investment

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TheSixthStitch TheSixthStitch Aruba Posts: 988
1 1 Dec 2011
Australian writers are invited to give voice to the most vulnerable amongst us in a new writing prize established by Voiceless, the animal protection institute.

The Voiceless Writing Prize sponsored by Australian Ethical Investment is one of the most lucrative short story and non-fiction competitions in Australia, awarding a total prize pool of over $20,000.

The Prize is designed to advance public understanding of animal sentience, human – animal relationships and the ethical treatment of animals.

Open to Australian citizens 18 and over, the Prize invites fiction and non-fiction pieces of 5-10,000 words, published or unpublished. Entries must focus on animals produced for food or found in the Australian environment.

A collection of the best pieces will be published by Publishing Partner on the Prize, Allen & Unwin, as a book and an e-book in 2012.

"There is a rich world literature which takes animals - their feelings, wishes and desires - seriously. As of this year, Voiceless will be awarding a prize to recognise the best Australian short fiction and non-fiction that has at it's heart the place of animals in the world we have made."
J. M. Coetzee            

The winner chosen by the judging panel will receive $15,000, while the public will vote for the People’s Choice to receive $5,000. Voiceless Councillor Deborah Debnam together with Peter Debnam have generously sponsored the People’s Choice for 2012, 2013, and 2014. All writers published in the collection will receive $500.

Voiceless thanks The Sydney Morning Herald for its support as Media Partner on the Prize.

Entries close 16 March 2012.

This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the growing public conversation on our sentient others, make your literary mark, and win a significant cash prize.
More information and submission details will be available soon from Allen & Unwin.


Lotus Eater Lotus Eater QLD Posts: 60
2 1 Dec 2011
The Voiceless Writing Prize - ironically named as it gives no voice to people under eighteen.

TheSixthStitch TheSixthStitch Aruba Posts: 988
3 1 Dec 2011
Shush you! You're supposed to be voiceless.

ShadowDoubt ShadowDoubt QLD Posts: 753
4 1 Dec 2011
I'm 15... i had one of my short stories published in a book and I can't participate in this. -.-

TheSixthStitch TheSixthStitch Aruba Posts: 988
5 1 Dec 2011
Hmm I wonder if Animals Australia would be interested in doing something similar, but accessible to <18yrs?

(also, nice santa hat at the top of the webpage)

PurpleFae PurpleFae NSW Posts: 283
6 1 Dec 2011
Haha, suckers, I'm 22! tongue

And yeah, AA or some other body should do an 18 and under one.

I might enter this. I'm more of a film script writer but I really need to practice writing more in general so this will force me to. But I won't win. tongue

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
7 1 Dec 2011
storriiesss awww. can it be poems?

OinkMoo OinkMoo NSW Posts: 1340
8 1 Dec 2011
OMFG! this is so awsum ecstatic i have wrote a short story about animals raised for food totally excited to enter for this ~ it would be so amazing if it got published

carinaforkeeps carinaforkeeps NSW Posts: 484
9 1 Dec 2011
zomg. i'm in. better get writing!

Spacepeanut Spacepeanut QLD Posts: 120
10 1 Dec 2011
I'm busting my butt to finish a manuscript at the moment, but I'll certainly give the comp a shot. Thanks for posting this, Stitchy!

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